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About the MACH Capstone

Each student must complete a project of professional quality that produces original work within her or his field of concentration and that meets with the approval of a faculty advisor and a second reader. While the project may take the form of a traditional research paper, students may also explore the possibility of creating (for example) a web-based resource, a curricular plan, or a multimedia presentation. Work toward the capstone project is undertaken with a student's faculty capstone advisor.

Capstone Titles

"Imperial Ontology: Exploring a Form/Content Divide of the High British Empire" (Andrew Bethke, MA '14)

"There is No 'Global Gay': The Evolution of the Russian (Homo)Sexual Subject and its Dissolution in 21st-Century Political Rhetoric" (Jessica Gokhberg, MA '14)

"Chinese Chinoiserie across the Atlantic through the China Trade" (Jingqi Zhang, MA '14)

"Kafka’s The Trial: Another Transformation" (Tao Zhang, MA '14)

"Rituals Born in Trauma: Transitional Politics and the Lyric Voice" (Megan Kerrigan, MA '15)

"White Kids Fight Dragons, Black Kids Fight Drugs; the Intersectionality of Childhood and Race in Children's Literature" (Maya Dworsky, MA '16)

"Re-negotiating Stigma, Re-conceptualizing Identity: The role of Personal Narrative in the liberation of Formerly Incarcerated Women" (Karen Lengler, MA '16)

"Reading Rape Cultures: Ovid and Sexual Politics in Early Imperial Rome and the 21st Century U.S." (Kendall Lovely, MA '16)

"Liang Qichao and Chinese Nationalism in the 20th Century" (Xiaoyu Yang, MA '16)

"The Female Synecdoche Shaping Satan's Image in the Middle Ages" (Amanda Barton, MA '17)

"Through Windows: Mass Culture and Violence in the Case of the Apaches of Paris" (Matthew Chernick, MA '17)

"No Man or Woman’s Land: Deconstructing the Fine Gendered Lines between Hemingway, West, and the Women of World War I" (Katerina Daley, MA '17)

"The Development, Deployment, and Consequences of National and Urban Identities in Copenhagen, Denmark" (Benjamin Davis, MA '17)

"Myths for Friendship: Towards a Pragmatic, Humanist, Philosophy/Poetry" (Micah Isser, MA '17)

"Looking Through the Lens: How Photographic Documentation Fails in Translation" (Eve Litvak, MA '17)

"Sensation: The Obtuse Form in Pasolini's Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom" (Zhitian Zhu, MA '17)