Maya Dworsky, MA '16

“If you know you're interested in something but don't entirely know how you want to study it, or if your interests are so wide they cannot be contained by a single discipline, or if your brain could do with a bit of a rattle, MACH is a good place for you.” —Maya Dworsky, MA '16

Maya Dworsky


Learn more about Maya's journey to Brandeis, her work in the MACH program, and her transition to a PhD program in Anthropology at Brandeis.

After MACH

MACH alumni have gone on to do the following:

  • PhD program in Communications at Bowling Green State University
  • PhD program in History at the University of Minnesota
  • PhD program in Literature at Duke University
  • Working professionally in museums in Boston and Los Angeles

Alumni Stories

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Alumni Profiles

Andrew Bethke '14

Home: Fresno, California

Academic Background:

  • California State University, Fresno, BA in History, 2011
  • San Francisco State University, MA in History, 2013
  • Brandeis University, MA in Comparative Humanities, 2014
  • University of Minnesota, PhD in History, starting Fall 2015

MACH Area of Study: My primary areas of study while at Brandeis were theories of justice and obligation, and the history and ontology of the British Empire.

MACH Capstone Project: "Imperial Ontology: Exploring a Form/Content Divide of the High British Empire"

Current Role: As of fall 2015, I will be working on my PhD in history at the University of Minnesota.

How MACH Helped: MACH was very helpful in expanding my intellectual horizons, in addition to honing my thoughts on issues I had been interested in before, but unable to study in any depth. The MACH faculty was tremendously helpful in this respect, particularly Raj Sampath.

Tao Zhang '14

Tao ZhangHome: Kunming, Yunnan Province, China (Kunming is the capital city of Yunnan, I lived and worked there for more than 12 years. My hometown is Qujing, which is to the northeast of  Kunming, 90 minutes drive from Kunming.)

Academic Background:

  • Hainan University, BA in English, 1999
  • Yunnan University, MA in Communications, 2007
  • Brandeis University, MA in Comparative Humanities, 2014
  • Bowling Green State University, PhD in Communication, expected 2018

MACH Area of Study: I was interested in diverse areas of study. As an international student who was away from academia for quite a few years after graduation, I felt an urgent need to acquire a solid foundation for my PhD studies, especially in the US, where the education system is totally different... So I joined the MACH program as a bridge in the service of my future PhD program. Besides the required seminar, I took courses from Judaic Studies, Women’s and Gender Studies, Anthropology, Sociology, and Translation Theory.

MACH Capstone Project: "Kafka's The Trial: Another Transformation"

Current Role: I am in the PhD program of Communication, School of Media and Communication, Bowling Green State University, Ohio.

How MACH Helped: I have to say all these courses have contributed a lot to my current interdisciplinary program in Communication. When seeing the names and related theories in the readings, I feel really grateful for those courses I took at Brandeis because they have proven to be so relevant and have laid the needed foundation for me. Additionally, almost all the Brandeis professors had their PhDs from first-tier universities worldwide... The thoughtful and loving services provided by Brandeis, the diverse cultural background of students, and various academic activities have all together left with me a memorable time here. I appreciate the respect I get from people when I say I am a Brandeis alumna. I am proud of having been a Brandeis student.