Matthew Chernick, BA/MA '17

“MACH allows students to chart their own path, explore and expand their interests within an interdisciplinary and cross-cultural context. While rooting my work in humanistic inquiry, MACH allows me to develop my own research and scholarly methodology.” —Matthew Chernick, BA/MA '17

Matthew Chernick


Learn more about Matthew's MACH experience and his postgraduate plans to work in Romania for the Fulbright U.S. Students program.

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Amanda Barton

Amanda BartonI have lived in the Midwest my whole life. I am excited to move to the New England area to further myself at Brandeis University. In three words, I would describe myself as curious, eccentric, and vivacious. I received my undergraduate degree in art history at Southern Methodist University. Ever since I was born on All Hallows' Eve, I have always been interested in the mysterious esoteric philosophy in religion, history, and art. More specifically, I am interested in the idiosyncrasies of how ancient esoteric wisdom has affected history throughout time. I desire to study further of this phenomenon by looking into the tricksters within mythology. I would also love to investigate how ancient religious rituals affected society on many levels in Egypt, Greece, Rome, and in Mesopotamia. On the other spectrum of my interests, I enjoy architecture. I am currently in the process of writing a book about a Frank Lloyd Wright house that was built for a man in wheelchair, while arguing how this house embodies Transcendentalism philosophy and emphasizes how and why Wright is an American architect. This why I strongly feel the MACH program is an appropriate fit for me to pursue.

Matthew Chernick

Matthew ChernickI received my BA, magna cum laude, from Brandeis University with a triple major in Film, Television, and Interactive Media with Highest Honors, European Cultural Studies with Highest Honors and Classical Studies, with minors in History and English Literature. My senior thesis, Mad Scene at the Movie Palace: The Twilight of Opera, the Birth of Film, and the Revolution of Culture, received the Dorothy Blumenfeld Moyer Memorial Award from the Division of Humanities. I was also the recipient of the Esther Goldman Prize for Excellence in Classical Languages and Literatures. I entered the MACH program through the BA/MA track, excited by the program’s interdisciplinary and cross-cultural focus and the ability to continue the relationships I have had with my many wonderful Brandeis professors. My primary academic interest is Film Studies, focusing on the early cinema and its relationship to opera, mass culture, Gesamtkunstwerk, the history of religion, and psycho-sociological theories. I am also deeply interested in Classical and ancient literature, history, and culture. I hope to eventually complete a PhD in Film Studies. I am from Weston, Massachusetts, enjoy reading great literature, watching classic cinema, listening to Italian opera, being a foodie, traveling, and attempting each year to write the next Great American Novel.

Katerina Daley

Katerina DaleyMy name is Katerina Daley. I've lived my whole life in various towns in Massachusetts, with most of that time spent in Cambridge, and grew up as part of a very close-knit Greek family. I completed my undergraduate degree here at Brandeis with a major in English and a minor in Creative Writing. My main areas of interest in literature are the American and British modes of Modernism, as well as film criticism and gender and queer theory. In addition to this strong foundation in and passion for literature, I have always held an interest in Classical languages, especially Latin. My research as part of the MACH program will be focused on finding a nexus of most of these areas of interest, particularly concerning the prevalence of the Classics within the realm of the Irish Modernists.

Ben Davis

Ben DavisThe opportunity to work closely with the professors and instructors I’ve developed close relationships with at Brandeis drew me to enter the MACH program. I am interested in the intersection of work, everyday life, and culture, particularly in the United States, Scandinavia, and Japan. I hope that my work will provide practical understanding about some of the most unique peoples and cultures in our world.

Micah Isser

Micah IsserI, Micah Isser, am a proud native of Rhode Island, love fresh bread and hate the taste of mint. I have been participating in competitive Slam poetry on-and-off for the past seven years. My primary areas of interest include Pragmatist metaphysics, Gordon Allport and Carl Roger's psychology, Nineteenth-Century Romantic poetry, and the short stories of J.L. Borges. Through these authors, there are two central questions that I am currently looking into: a) How is the quality of 'Sincerity' communicated through language? and b) What does it mean to know another person?

Eve Litvak

Eve LitvakAs a first-generation born American, I grew up subconsciously grappling with different notions of identity. Coming to Brandeis as an undergraduate student, I unintentionally found myself on the International & Global Studies track via the European Cultural Studies and Russian Studies Programs. Minoring in Italian, Legal, and Near Eastern and Judaic Studies provided a multitude of lenses to gain new perspective from which inquiries could be formed. Continuing at Brandeis with the MACH program, I am excited to officially study the theories of multi-lingual translations, interpretations, and cross-cultural impacts of global masterworks. I am hoping that literary study will help explain nationalistic sentiment, processes of democratization, and modernization through the intersection of politics and culture.