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Master of Science in Biotechnology


Biotechnology is a rapidly growing sector of the United States and global economies. Its products are increasingly important in diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of disease. The Professional Master of Science Program in Biotechnology at Brandeis University equips students with skills to enter and advance in this dynamic industry. We provide student-centered, interdisciplinary training in the biological sciences and in business, drawing upon the world-class Life Science departments and the International Business School at Brandeis University.

Our two-year program integrates laboratory training through Research Project Labs with a summer internship in an industrial or academic setting. Professional development opportunities include seminars and meetings with professionals in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and medical research from the thriving Massachusetts life sciences community. We are located in the heart of the Massachusetts Biotech Supercluster, within 10 miles of Boston and more than 130 life science companies.

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Laboratory training with a summer internship in an industrial or academic setting.

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Provides student-centered, interdisciplinary training in science and business.

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Located within 10 miles of 130 life science companies.

“The faculty I’ve had the chance to work with really care about my scientific development and are here to help me achieve the goals I’m working towards.”

Christine Darko, Biotechnology Student