In the fall semester, the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences offers non-credit “language for reading” workshops. The workshops will focus on techniques for the acquisition of grammar and vocabulary needed to translate scholarly materials in the candidate’s field of study. However, there will be no emphasis on speaking or listening. These workshops have been extremely helpful to students who need to refresh their language skills prior to their required language examinations. The workshops meet three hours per week during the semester, and the sessions will be comprised of vocabulary acquisition, grammar review and translation exercises. Students with little or no prior knowledge of the language are welcome, but may find the pace too swift and will need to put in much more individual work outside of the workshop.

No registration needed, but you do need to email the instructor with your intent to participate.

French for Reading Knowledge

Required Materials and Texts: "French for Reading" by Karl C. Sandberg

Instructor: Sarah Klein, PhD (

First Class: Monday, September 9, 2019

Time: Mondays, 6-9pm

Location: Shiffman 120

German for Reading Knowledge

Required Materials and Texts: Waltraud Coles & Bill Dodd: Reading German. A Course Book and Reference Grammar (Oxford University Press, 1997). Please note that this text will not be available at the Brandeis bookstore since the workshop is not a regular course. You must obtain your copy online instead. [Please note: This is a different text from one used in previous years!]

Instructor:  Professor Sabine von Mering (

First Class:  Tuesday, Sept 3, 2019

Time:  Tuesdays, 5-8pm

Location:  TBD

Note: All graduate students interested in learning German are welcome to enroll in regular German language courses: “Beginning German/German 10” will be offered MTWTh 10-10:50 (Section1) and MTWTh 11-11:50 (Section 2) in Fall 2019. Students who choose to take German 10 should also expect to enroll in “Continuing German/German 20” in the Spring of 2019 in order to complete the introductory level sequence. Feel free to contact Professor von Mering with any questions about German.

Hebrew for Reading Knowledge

Required Materials and Texts:  TBD

Instructor:  Professor Sara Hascal (

First Class:  Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Time: 2pm, but will be flexible with students’ schedules

Location:  ASAC Seminar room

Note: This workshop is only for students at the intermediate proficiency level. Students with no prior knowledge are welcome to enroll in our beginning courses.