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"Empowering PhDs to build impactful careers and engaged lives, wherever smart people are needed."

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What is Aurora?

Aurora VideoAurora by Beyond the Professoriate helps graduates and postdocs discover career options, apply the skills acquired through their education, and successfully transition into academic or nonacademic career paths. Aurora's online tools and videos help students navigate the job market through two programs: faculty careers and professional careers.

Who is Aurora for?

Aurora is a resource for graduate students at all stages of their careers, including in their first and second years. Although Aurora was created to help PhD students in particular to navigate the academic and professional job market, master’s students and postdocs will also find the resources available through Aurora useful.

How Can Aurora Benefit Me?

Aurora provides concrete examples of how students from specific disciplines got jobs in a variety of fields. Check out Aurora's Career Exploration Video Library with over 150 interviews with PhDs in diverse careers.

Listen to these discipline specific interviews!

Nichole Carelock      John Hussey      Aya Esther Hayashi      Nick Milanovich      Bamini Jayabalasingham

How Do I Access Aurora?

Follow the link and select Brandeis University from the dropdown menu, then login using your University ID.

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