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Prospective MAT students apply to one of the following concentrations: The full-time, 13-month Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) program prepares recent college graduates, career-changers and others with significant life experience to become highly qualified, licensed classroom teachers. Two degrees are offered: the Master of Arts in Teaching in Elementary Education and the Master of Arts in Teaching in Secondary Education (Middle and High Schools). We also offer a Bachelor's/Master's program to current Brandeis undergraduates. We also have a Teacher Leadership Program for experienced teachers. Visit the Education Department's website for more information about these programs. Application information can be found below.

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How to Apply

Application Deadlines

MAT: Priority deadline is March 15. Applications will be considered after this date on a space-available basis.

Five-Year Bachelor's/Master's Program for Brandeis undergraduates: Apply in the fall of junior year.

Early admission to the MAT program is an option for qualified applicants to be admitted for graduate study prior to the committee’s review of other applicants. Applicants should apply by December 1; the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences will waive the application fee for early applicants.

Application Requirements

To apply for the program, including the BA/BS-MAT program, you need to submit:

Subject Matter Knowledge Prerequisites 
The Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) requires prospective teachers to demonstrate a
 functional level of subject matter knowledge (SMK) in order to pursue a provisional license and a fluent level of SMK to earn an initial license, the license for which Brandeis Teacher Education Program prepares candidates.

According to DESE guidelines, functional knowledge is knowledge of the subject itself (at a university level). A fluent level of subject matter knowledge is not only knowledge of the subject itself, but an ability to teach the subject in a range of contexts; this is also called pedagogical content knowledge.

The Brandeis Teacher Education Program coursework includes coursework to develop fluent, pedagogical content knowledge in their subject areas. However, the Teacher Education program requires students to demonstrate functional knowledge of subject matter prior to beginning the full-year student teaching internship.

Functional subject matter knowledge is demonstrated in two ways:

1) All teacher candidates must pass the Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure (MTEL) in the areas under which they will be licensed by August 31, before beginning the full-year student-teaching internship. For clarification on which MTELs are required for which areas of licensure, please consult the DESE website. All licenses require passing the Communication and Literacy Skills MTEL in addition to the grade level and subject area test/s.

2) Candidates for initial licensure must have earned a B- or higher in sufficient coursework in the topics covered by the MTEL and Massachusetts frameworks listed below. Teaching at the secondary (grades 5-12) level requires university coursework in functional SMK. To teach at the elementary level, some of the functional SMK may be demonstrated through AP exams. Delet candidates should also show basic knowledge of Hebrew.

For a more comprehensive description of application requirements, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions.