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Brandeis University's Master of Science (MS) in Genetic Counseling is a two-year course of study integrating coursework with clinical experience in an environment that encourages close student/faculty interaction. Ordinarily the program is completed in two academic years and the intervening summer. The program places a strong emphasis on human molecular genetics, while providing in-depth course work in counseling theory and technique as well as extensive clinical training. Fieldwork and clinical internships are an integral part of the program. To read more, visit the program website. Application information can be found below. Brandeis notifies applicants the same day as other schools accredited by American Board of Genetic Counselors (ABGC), usually end of April/beginning of May.


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How to Apply

Application Deadline

Fall semester: January 1

Application Requirements

To apply for the MS in Genetic Counseling, you need to submit:

For a more comprehensive description of application requirements, please visit Frequently Asked Questions.


In addition to a Bachelor's degree, applicants should have completed the following courses:

Applicants lacking one or more of these courses are invited to consult the program's director on how to fulfill these requirements. Volunteer or work experience in an area related to counseling, developmental disabilities, or genetics is also recommended.