University Prize Instructorships, sponsored by the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, awards a $6,000 stipend to students to design and teach upper-division courses in their field of research. Enrollment is limited to 20 undergraduate students. Instructorships are awarded to exceptional doctoral candidates who have made substantial progress toward their degree. Up to six instructorships will be awarded to candidates who propose courses that contribute substantially to the undergraduate curriculum and candidates who have demonstrated excellence and commitment to teaching. Selection criteria also include the quality of the proposed course (as demonstrated by the syllabus), its relevance to the curriculum, and its potential appeal to undergraduates. Instructors may elect to co-teach and split the stipend equally. In this case, each applicant must fulfill the eligibility criteria and complete all parts of the application.

You can also view last year's winners and their course titles.

Unfortunately, we will not be holding a competition for the 2021-22 cycle. We plan to hold the competition next year.