Absences & Incompletes

All students are expected to attend classes regularly. Students on probation are compelled by university policy to attend every class meeting. In addition, an individual faculty member may establish attendance requirements for all students in the course, and may insist on the completion of all assignments even if a student was not in attendance for the period. Tardy students may be marked absent at the discretion of the instructor.

Excused Absences from Final Exams or Incompletes

Sometimes a situation arises that prevents a student from completing a final assignment or taking a final exam at the scheduled time. During these situations, the university is prepared to work with both the student and faculty to facilitate a conversation about whether receiving an excused absence (EA) and/or excused incomplete (EI) may be appropriate. Typically, a student would receive an EA or an EI only for emergency or medical reasons. An EA and/or EI is not given because of conflicts in travel plans or reasons related to a lack of appropriate planning for the finals period.  Specific questions regarding this policy can be directed to the Registrar’s Office at registrar@brandeis.edu or 781-736-2010.