Alt Text

Alt text — short for alternate or alternative text — is a text description of an image that is read aloud to people who visit our site using screen readers. Alt text is required for all images on Brandeis websites and supports our commitment to web accessibility.

How to Write Alt Text

Alt text should be:

When writing alt text, consider the purpose of the image.


The alt text, “map of the U.S. Mid-Atlantic States,” may be sufficient in one scenario, however, “Map of the U.S. Mid-Atlantic States illustrating common routes of the Underground Railroad, circa 1855” might be more appropriate in another.

An image of a group of students could be described in multiple ways. What is the context?

Where to Add Alt Text

There should be a field labeled "alt text" or "image description" in any module that allows for an image. If you can't find an alt text field, please contact Digital Communications and we'll help you locate it. 

Examples of alt text field locations