Site Setup Block

Each site has a site-setup block in the list of assets in the navigation panel.

site setup block

This block gives your site a name, adds optional sidebar content and populates your footer. The two sections you may edit are: Sidebar and Footer.

Screenshot of site setup fields in CMS
Site Setup

This top section of the site-setup block includes information that is important for SEO and site search. Please do not edit these fields. Contact if you need to make a change to your site name.

Breadcrumbs appearing below navigation

Breadcrumbs appear below your site name and function as an additional form of navigation. The breadcrumb links appear automatically on your site. In most cases, this field should remain blank.

If you would a sidebar (or multiple sidebars) to appear on every page of your site, you can do so by creating sidebar content in the site-setup block. Common uses might be a contact info block or an apply button.

The footer is the dark gray area at the very bottom of your site. To edit the content, expand the Footer tab and the appropriate Footer >> Content Column.

Note: Anytime you update your site setup block, you must republish your site's folder from the _includes site for the changes to appear live.

_includes site displaying from the site dropdown at the top of the CMS