List (People)

The List (People) content type allows you to create a list of people (faculty, staff, UDRs, etc.) that includes each person’s title, contact information, and an optional short bio.

(See a sample of a people list at the bottom of this page.)

This content type utilizes blocks, so you must first create a block before you add it to the page. If you would like to add a block to an Existing People List, skip to the Add a People Block section. To remove a block from a People List, skip to the Remove a People Block section.

Create a People Block

  1. Navigate to and select the folder _blocks > reusable (or another folder on your site that contains your People Blocks). Once there, from the New Menu, choose People Block. Your new block will appear, starting on the Content sub-tab. You will see two additional tabs: Metadata and System (but no work needs to be done in these tabs).

Note: This is the People Block for one person. You will have to create a People Block for each person in your list.

  1. Enter a System Name at the top of the Content screen.

    The System Name is the name that is displayed in the navigation panel in Cascade. Tip: Use consistent naming conventions (like last name-first name) for all People Blocks. Example: brandeis-louis

    Best Practice: Keep names short; use only lowercase letters, numbers and dashes. Do not use spaces or underscores. Unlike the system name of a page, the system name of a People Block will not appear in a URL.

  2. Select the Faculty or Staff radio button.

    The Faculty option includes fields for Second Title and Office Hours. You can use the Staff option for any non-faculty person. The words Faculty and Staff will not appear on your website.

  3. A. Add Image is checked by default. Uncheck (and go to step 5) if you don’t want to use an image. 

    B. Click the Browse button to find the image you have already uploaded. The image you upload should be 340 px wide by 340 px high.

    C. Enter the alt text describing the image. This will likely be the person’s name.

  4. In the Name field, enter the person’s name exactly how you would like it to appear on the website.

  5. If you would like to link to a person’s bio or website, select the Link Type and then fill in the appropriate link.

  6. Fill in the remaining fields as necessary. Use the Short Bio WYSIWYG to include a short bio or other information. Be sure to highlight all of your text in the Short Bio section and format it as Paragraph.

    Diagram of people module in CMS as it corresponds to people module on website
  7. Click Submit.
  8. Repeat this process for any other person who needs to be included in a People List.

    Note: Now that you have created a block for this person, this block can be used in any lists of people. For example, maybe one of your faculty members is also speaking at an event you are having. You could use the same People Block in different People Lists.

Add People Block to Page

  1. Find the page you want to add the People Block to and click Edit.
  2. In the Content editor, navigate to the List (People) radio button and expand Content > People List.
    Note: If you're adding a new person to a list, skip to step 5.
  3. Enter a Heading (e.g., Faculty, Staff, UDRs) or verify the existing Heading is correct.
  4. Use either the Search option or the Browse button to select the People Block you created.

Find the people block you created

  1. A. To add another person to the list, click the plus sign (+) next to People Block.

    Use the plus sign to add a People block

  2. Submit the page to save your work.

Remove a People Block From a Page

  1. To remove a person from the list, click the minus sign (-) next to People Block on your page.

    Use the minus sign to remove a person from the list

  2. Click Submit to save your work. Publish your page to webtest, then the live site, to update your page(s) using the People List.
  3. After removing the People Block from the list, you may delete the actual People Block itself from the _blocks folder on your site.

Note: Do not delete a People Block from the CMS without first deleting it from a page using a People List. Doing so will cause your List to display incorrectly on the website.

Reorder Blocks in a People List

  1. If you have more than one People Block in a People List, you may use the blue up and down arrows to reorder your blocks.
    People list in CMS with up and down arrows outlined in red
  2. Click Submit to save your work. Publish your page to webtest, then the live site, to update your page(s) using the People List.

Sample People List

Louis D. Brandeis
Louis D. Brandeis
Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court
Important Influencer of Brandeis University
781-736-2000 Hill by Shapiro Campus Center
Office Hours: Fri., 12-2 p.m.

Louis Dembitz Brandeis (1856-1941), a towering legal and judicial figure, was instrumental in shaping modern American jurisprudence. His principles and ideas on the law, democracy and society are as relevant and useful today as they were in the first half of the 20th century — a time when individual liberties and the workaday world for average citizens often collided with growing governmental and corporate power. Brandeis’ legacy offers enduring guidance as society addresses many complex issues of inclusion, equity and government power in the 21st century.