Sample Pages

When looking at the CMS, it can sometimes be difficult to imagine how content might look on the live website. Here is a list of the content types, with a sample page for each. 

Content Type Section Sample Page
Accordions Main Content Area Hiatt > Law School Resources
Announcement (List) Main Content Area Economics > News & Events > Department News
Banner: Single Full Width Image Banner (Home Page) PAX
Banner: Image Carousel Banner (Home Page) Psychology
Banner: Feature Carousel Banner (Home Page) Music
Banner: No Banner Banner (Home Page) Sexuality and Queer Studies
Blog Feed  Sidebar, Content Below Main Economics > Index (Sidebar)
Editor Main Content Area About > Our Story
Events Main Content Area and Content Below Main Department of NEJS > Related Events (Main Content Area)
Parents and Families > Events (Content Below Main)
Feature Main Content Area and Content Below Main Research > Index (Student Research, Faculty Research, etc. (Main Content Area) and Economics > Faculty Spotlight (Content Below Main) 
Featured Event Content Below Main CMS Guide > Featured Event
Gallery Main Content Area and Content Below Main Office of the President > Gallery
List (News, Publications) Main Content Area Research > Support Offices (no photos)
Theater Productions > Past Productions (photos)
List (People) Main Content Area Computer Science > Faculty and Staff
Media (Image/Video) Main Content Area Study Abroad > Get Started
News Content Below Main Parents and Families > Index
Quote Box Content Below Main English > Undergraduate Index
Social Media Content Below Main Parents and Families > Informed
Table Main Content Area Department of Sociology > Courses