Featured Event

The Featured Event content type can be used to highlight an upcoming event. Your featured event will appear below your main content area and spans the full width of the page.

See a sample featured event on the bottom of this page.

  1. Navigate to your page and click Edit. Scroll down until you see the Add Content Below Main checkbox and check it.

Add Content Below Main checkbox

  1. Select the radio button for Featured Event. For Background Color, leave as beige unless you have multiple Content Below Main modules, in which case you would want to alternate colors for contrast (you can edit this later).

Select Featured Event and choose the color you want for a background

  1. Click on the Content Below Main > Featured Event header to expand the contents below.

There are two ways to input content for this module: Manual Entry and using an existing Event Block. Instructions for each follow.

Manual Entry

Manual Entry for Featured Event

Check Add Button? box to add a button to the featured event

Sample Featured Event

Event Block

Add your Featured Event using the Event Block

To add a Featured Event using the Event Block functionality, you first need to create your Event Block

  1. Navigate to blocks > reusable. Once there, click New > Event Block. Your new block will appear, starting on the Content sub-tab. You will see two additional tabs: Metadata and System.
  2. Enter a System Name at the top of the Content screen.
    The System Name is the name that is displayed in the navigation panel in Cascade. Unlike the system name of a page, the System Name of a Event Block will not appear in a URL.

Best Practice: Keep names short; use only lowercase letters, numbers and dashes. Do not use spaces or underscores.

  1. The fields in the Event Block are the same as the fields in the Featured Event manual entry, with two exceptions.
    1. The Heading for the Featured Event is added when you add the block to a page.
    2. You need to check the Is this a featured event? box to get the Featured Event Text box to display.
  2. When you have filled in all of the fields, click Submit

Then, you need to add the Event Block to your page. 

  1. Select the Event Block radio button.
  2. Heading is large text centered at the top of the featured event section. Do not duplicate Title field, which will be pulled from your block (Heading can also be left blank). Suggestions: “Upcoming Event” or “Featured Event.”
  3. Event Block: Search or navigate to the event block you created.