Quote Box

The Quote Box content type allows you include a quote with a graphical treatment to your website.

See a sample of a Quote Box at the bottom of this page.

  1. Find the page you want to add the Quote to and click Edit.
  2. The Quote content type is in the Content Below Main section. This means the graphic spans the width of the page, and cannot be moved into the narrower part of the page.

    If this page does not yet have any Content Below Main content, you will need to select the Add Content Below Main checkbox to show that content.

    Add Content Below Main buttonIf this page already has content populated in the Content Below Main section, find the Content Below Main item below which you want the Quote box. Add a new content section by selecting the plus sign in this item.
    Use plus sign to add a new Content Below Main section

  3. Once you have an empty Content Below Main item, select the Quote radio button and expand Content Below Main > Quote.

  4. Enter the Quote.

Note: Quotation marks will be added automatically; you do not need to enter them in the text.

  1. Enter the Author of the quote.

  2. Enter a Description of the quote, if desired.
    Screen shot of Quote content type with content populated in CMS

  3. Click submit and publish the page as you normally would.