Style Guide for Brandeis Websites

The following word styles, grammar and punctuation apply to the Brandeis website. 

Text on Brandeis University websites should follow the grammar, punctuation and spelling rules outlined in the Associated Press (AP) Stylebook. Examples of word usage and style commonly used on Brandeis websites are listed here for reference.

Access the AP Stylebook
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Quick Reference

How to Refer to Brandeis University

The following may be used:
The following may not be used:

Class Years

A singly curly apostrophe (also called smart quotes) should be used before a class year, not the straight quotes that programs normally provide by default: ’00 not '00:

Master's degrees should be listed without a space between the degree abbreviation and the class year:

How to

To create the apostrophe for a class year, click on the Insert Special Characters button on the WYSIWYG toolbar.

WYSIWYG editor with special character button outlined in red

Then select the right single quotation mark.

Special character options with right quotation mark outlined in red

Serial Comma

The serial comma is not used unless it is preceded by a compound construct, or clarity demands it. For example:

Web-related Words



Academic Degrees
United States

Can be abbreviated U.S. (no spaces) as a noun or adjective.

State Names

Spell out the names of the states, do not abbreviate (except for the postal abbreviation in your website's footer).

Also, the word state can be used when referring to Massachusetts (even though Massachusetts is a commonwealth)


En Dash ( – ), Em Dash ( — )

An en dash is slightly longer than a hyphen. It is used to connect ranges and replaces the word "to":

An em dash is slightly longer than an en dash. It is used for emphasis and sudden interruption in a sentence — and should be used sparingly. If used, place a space on either side.

Quotation Marks