Blog Feeds

The Blog Feed content type allows you to embed your blog into the website so links to new blogs show up on the page.

(See a sample of a Blog Feed at the bottom of this page.)

This content type utilizes blocks, so you must first create a block before you add it to the page.

Step 1: Create a Blog Feed Block

  1. Navigate to Base Folder > _blocks > reusable. Once there, click New > RSS Block. Your new block will appear, starting on the Content sub-tab. You will see two additional tabs: Metadata and System.
  2. Enter a System Name at the top of the Content screen.
  3. In the Feed URL box, enter the RSS feed URL for your blog. If you need assistance locating this feed, please contact

Create an RSS Feed block to add your blog feed

  1. Click Submit.

Step 2: Add Blog Feed Block to Page

Fields for blog feed content type

  1. Find the page you want to add the Blog Feed Block to and click Edit.
  2. The Blog Feed Block is only available in Content Below Main, so scroll to that area of the page and ensure the checkbox is checked off.
  3. In the Content Below Main editor, select the Blog Feed Block radio button.
  4. For Background Color, leave as beige unless you have multiple Content Below Main modules, in which case you would want to alternate colors for contrast (you can edit this later).
  5. Enter a Heading (e.g., Department Blog).
  6. Use either the Search option or the Browse button to select the Blog Feed Block you created.
  7. If you want to add an image, check the checkbox, and upload an image of the appropriate size (735 px x 490 px).

Note: The Blog Feed Block does not pull in images from the blog feed itself. The image you upload will remain static until you upload a different image.

  1. Click Submit.