Deleting and Recycle Bin

Cascade Server has a Recycle Bin that holds deleted assets for 15 days before permanently deleting them from the CMS.

Deleting an asset

  1. To send an asset to the Recycle Bin, you may do so one of three ways (A, B, or C):

    A. Select the asset from the navigation panel and expand the context menu, then click Delete.
    Select Delete from the context menu
    B. Select the asset’s parent folder, then select the delete icon (the red stop sign symbol with the x) next to the asset under Actions.
    Select the delete icon
    C. Select Delete from the More menu when you click into the asset.
    Select Delete from the More menu
  2. You will see a Confirm screen that asks if you are really sure you want to unpublish and delete the asset.

    If the asset is connected to other pages, you will see the Content Links screen, which lists what assets will be impacted if you delete the asset. If you are sure, click Submit.

  3. You should be taken back to the folder where the asset was formerly located; the “Delete successful” banner should be above the folder path.
  4. To update the left navigation, you will need to republish the folder from which the page was deleted and your site’s index page. For instructions, please see Publishing/Unpublishing.

Restoring an asset from the recycle bin

  1. To access the Recycle Bin, click Home on the toolbar to view the Dashboard, then click the Recycle Bin tab, or go to Quick Links > Dashboard > Recycle Bin.
    Select the Recycle Bin from the Dashboard
  2. To restore an individual asset back to its original location, click the green Restore icon in the Actions column. Click Submit.
    Select the Restore icon
  3. To restore multiple assets, select the assets using the checkboxes in the left column. Then click the “With Selected:” dropdown menu, and select Restore. Click Submit.
    Restore multiple files
    If you restored one asset, you should receive the “Operation successful” banner above the Recycle Bin. The banner will not appear when you restore multiple assets.
  4. You will need to republish the folder to which the asset was restored and your site’s index page to make it live and to ensure it displays in the left navigation. For instructions, please see Publishing/Unpublishing.