SEVIS Transfer

If you are completing or leaving your current Brandeis program and you have been accepted to a program at a different U.S. institution, you may be eligible for an F-1 SEVIS Transfer. The SEVIS transfer is initiated by Brandeis and is completed in SEVIS by the new school. 

Eligibility Requirements

How to Request a SEVIS Transfer

  1. Login to the ISSO Portal in the sidebar on the left to complete the ISSO Transfer Out Request Form within 50 days of completing your Brandeis program. This is the official mechanism to notify ISSO of your intent to transfer. In the Transfer Out form, you will need to:
    1. Upload your letter of admission to the new school and the new school's transfer-in form (if any)
    2. Indicate your SEVIS Release Date. The release date cannot be later than the end of your 60 day grace period.
  2. If you are eligible for the transfer, your SEVIS record will be released to your new school on the SEVIS Release Date you indicate.
  3. Your new school will complete your F-1 transfer in SEVIS and issue a new I-20/DS-2019 noting the completion of the transfer.