Staff Positions

Some foreign nationals academic departments occupy staff roles that may require H-1B sponsorship. Examples of such roles are Research Technician, Research Associate, Research Specialist.

Administrative departments may also sponsor foreign nationals on H-1B visas for staff roles. At a minimum, the role must require a bachelor's degree in a specific field(s), as well as meet Department of Labor salary requirements.

The hiring department should contact Office of Human Resources (Attention: Melinda Cimino) and the ISSO to evaluate the candidate's immigration sponsorship needs, if any. In particular, please note that not all staff positions qualify for H-1B sponsorship. For details, email Human Resources is responsible for issuing the official letter of employment/job offer.

Please note that J-1 Exchange Visitors cannot hold staff positions. Hiring departments should contact the ISSO in advance or following the search process regarding any visa questions.

In limited cases, Brandeis may sponsor foreign nationals occupying staff roles for U.S. Permanent Residency in the PERM Foreign Labor Certification (EB2) category. For more information, please visit the permanent residency page.