EB-2 PERM Special Handling for Faculty

This process is best suited for a full-time tenure-track faculty who have little to no experience or limited publications. Sometimes due to processing times of the Adjustment to Status to permanent residency, this can be advantageous for faculty who would otherwise qualify for EB-1B.

The intent of the PERM Special Handling rule is to allow colleges and universities to allow colleges and universities to sponsor foreign nationals as permanent employees in teaching positions, as long as the foreign national is deemed best qualified for that position (Iandoli, Desai, Cronin P.C.)

Checklist for Evaluating Eligibility for Foreign National Employee Status - EB2 Special Handling

Fees Associated with EB-2 Special Handling for Faculty (Approximate)

Please note that in most cases, the employee is responsible for all fees associated with adjustment of status. In the case that the university covers such costs, the expense is treated as an employee benefit and the employee is taxed accordingly.

Requesting Checks

Addresses to mail checks for I-140, I-485, and I-907 premium processing will vary. Please pay close attention to these links I-140 filing addresses and I-485 filing addresses, and consult a qualified attorney with questions.