About the Hiatt Career Center

The professional world is an ever-evolving landscape, impacted by forces including demographics, innovation, technology and globalization. Therefore, choosing a “career” is not about finding one job or making one decision. It is about developing skills and strategies to successfully pursue career opportunities that are inclusive of changing interests, unexpected events and new ventures or options.

The Hiatt Career Center at Brandeis invites undergraduate students and alumni to collaborate with us to develop career skills and strategies that develop and harness your adaptability, creativity, entrepreneurship, and resiliency to be successful in an ever-changing professional world.

Our Team

photo of the hiatt career center staff

The Hiatt team is a vibrant collection of professionals dedicated to the students and alumni with whom we partner.

Our nationally recognized staff is committed to working with undergraduate students and alumni inclusive of all identities, backgrounds and interests. Our 14 professional staff members have unique backgrounds and career trajectories of their own, with diverse training, education, and experience in areas ranging from career development, consulting, counseling, education, law, marketing, multicultural affairs, outplacement services and psychology.

Similarly, our paraprofessional student staff brings a diverse set of talents to bear in their work at Hiatt. Hiatt Advisors, interns, and front desk associates make invaluable contributions to our work by welcoming guests, designing marketing campaigns, advising students on LinkedIn profiles, resumes and cover letters, reviewing incoming internship and job opportunities, and more.

Andrea Dine

Andrea Dine strategizing with a Brandeis senior about next steps

Jackie Blesso

Jackie Blesso interviewing an employer that is hosting a World of Work (WOW) Fellow

Our Mission & Vision

Our vision is that all Brandeisians know who they are, what they want, and how to get there. As a center, we strive to be accessible to all, cutting-edge, friendly and fun, professional and thoughtful.

We do our part by helping undergraduate students and alumni develop the skills to transform their unique backgrounds, liberal arts education and experiential learning into meaningful professional futures and relationships.

Hiatt, like the individuals we serve, is successful because we cultivate a diverse network of partners to assist us in our work, which includes alumniemployersfaculty and staffparents and families, professional consortia, community organizations and the greater Brandeis community.

Recognizing the dynamic nature of this work, Hiatt has embraced the Chaos Theory of Careers (CTC), which emphasizes and teaches flexible planning and decision-making, and addresses the uncertainty a fluid employment sector generates. CTC’s focus on the individual, holding them at the center of the process, best incorporates today's complexity and change. The result is a holistic, individual-centered framework that better equips students and alumni to be successful members of today's and tomorrow's workforce.

Our Impact

Class of 2018 students at senior sign-out with their destinations after graduation written on white boards

Our Namesake

Jacob Hiatt poses with Brandeis staff member and plaque that reads: the hiatt career development center establishe for the benefit of brandeis students through the generosity of trustee jacob hiatt of worcester massachusetts to link the classroom and the world of work april 1984=In 1984 Jacob Hiatt, a Worcester businessman and member of the Brandeis Board of Trustees, endowed the Hiatt Career Development Center at Brandeis, offering students skilled professional assistance to enable them to find ways to relate their liberal arts education to future career plans.

Jacob Hiatt emigrated to the United States from Lithuania in 1935 and began working at the E.F. Dodge Paper Box company in Leominster, MA, where he later became the president and treasurer. Mr. Hiatt supported a number of educational and cultural institutions in the area along with his daughter, Myra, and son-in-law, Robert Kraft, owner of the New England Patriots.

National Recognition

Hiatt staff members are nationally recognized as innovators in the field of career services, and frequently lead conversations on career center engagement and career development. Recent recognition and professional engagement include:

Award Recognition
  • NCDA (National Career Development Association) Exemplary Career Center Award, 2019
  • NCDA (National Career Development Association) Service to International Students Award, 2019
  • CASE (Council for Advancement and Support of Education) Gold Medal. District I, 2019 Excellence Award for "Wisdom Wanted"
  • NACE (National Association of Colleges and Employers) “Dare to Stream: Using Live Video, Commercials and GIFs to Increase Engagement,” 2017 Finalist for Technology Excellence Award – Kristin Menconi & Jackie Blesso

  • NACE (National Association of Colleges and Employers)  “How and Why to Choose a Major,” 2016 Finalist for Career Services Excellence Award – Sandra Sylvestre

  • NACE (National Association of Colleges and Employers)  “Industry Nights,” 2015 Finalist for Career Service Excellence Award – Cary Weir Lytle, Caroline O’Shea, Lauren Labrecque-Jessen, Jackie Blesso, Alexandra Stephens

  • NACE (National Association of Colleges and Employers)  “Wisdom Wanted,” 2015 Finalist for Technology Excellence Award – Alexandra Stephens and Andrea Dine

Conference Presentations
  • "Celebrate Success in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion with NCDA Award Recipients," Sandra Sylvestre, NCDA Conference, June 2019
  • "Build A Life of Purpose: Creating Steps Toward Meaningful Work and a Resilient Life Using Odyssey Planning," Abigail Crine, NCDA Conference, June 2019
  • "Using Chaos Theory of Careers to Empower Clients' Careers," Jon Schlesinger, NCDA Conference, June 2019
  • "Coaching Students on Law School Essay Topics," Lauren Dropkin, NCDA Conference, June 2019
  • "10 Questions you can Answer Using the LSAC Website," Lauren Dropkin, NAPLA Conference, June 2019
  • "Advising Student on Letters of Recommendation," Lauren Dropkin, NAPLA Conference, June 2019
  • "The Internship Investment: Increasing the Accessibility of Unpaid Internships," Jackie Blesso, NCDA Conference, June 2019
  • "Showcasing your Work with Analytics Reporting," Kristin Menconi, Career Services Technology Meeting, January 2019
  • "Wayfinding: Integrating Chaos Theory of Careers with Designing Your Life," Abigail Crine, National Association of Career Development (NCDA) Conference, June 2018

  • "Chaos Theory of Careers: Fostering Career Development Through Theory, Practice, & Skill-Building," Jon Schlesinger, NCDA Conference Professional Development Institute, June 2018

  • “Conducting a Practitioner Survey on International Students’ Career Needs on Campus: The Before, During and After,” Sonia Liang, National Association of Career Development (NCDA) Conference, June 2018

  • "The Journey of a Lifetime: Create your Odyssey Plan," Sandra Sylvestre and Lauren Dropkin, Small College Career Alliance Conference, May 2018
  • "How Are You Strategic at Your College or University," Andrea Dine (panelist), New England Directors’ Meeting, January 2018

  • "Career Services is a Funny Thing: Leveraging Humor in Your Marketing Efforts," Kristin Menconi, Career Services Technology Meeting, January 2018

  • "The Dialogues: Navigating Identity in the Workplace, Together," Caroline O'Shea, NASPA 2017 Multi KCDrive In Conference, October 2017

  • "Addressing the Most Common Concerns for International Students in Career," Sonia Liang, NCDA Conference, June 2017 

  • "Coaching Students on Personal Statements for Pre-Law Advisor Training," Lauren Dropkin, NAPLA Conference, June 2017

  • "#HiattLive on Facebook," Kristin Menconi, Communicating Careers, A Conference on Marketing for Career Centers, May 2017

  • "Going Home: Preparing International Students for a Global Career," Sonia Liang, Small College Career Alliance, May 2017

  • "Parent and Family Partners - Allies, Employers and Career Volunteers," Alexandra Stephens & Dvora Pemstein, Small College Career Alliance, May 2017

  • "Going Live with Facebook," Kristin Menconi, Career Services Technology Meeting, January 2017

  • "Developing Professional Development Programs for Staff," Best Practices Round-table for Career Centers of Western Massachusetts," Caroline O'Shea & Jackie Blesso, Smith College, January 2017 

Hosted Conferences
  • Small College Career Alliance (SCCA) Conference, May 2017

  • Alumni Career Services Network (ACSN) Boston Meetup, January 2016

Leadership Roles
  • Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education (NASPA) Region 1 Institute for Mid-Level Managers - Caroline O' Shea, Spring 2018

  • Alumni Career Services Network (ACSN) Board – Alexandra Stephens, 2017-18

  • National Association of Career Development (NCDA) Awards Committee – Sandra Sylvestre, 2017-19

  • National Association of Pre-Law Advisors (NAPLA) Executive Board Secretary - Lauren Dropkin, 2017-18 

  • National Association of Career Development (NCDA) International Student Committee - Sonia Liang, 2017-18

  • Eastern Association of College and Employers (EACE) Board – Cary Weir Lytle, 2016

  • Eastern Association of College and Employers (EACE)  Blog Co-chair – Caroline O’Shea, 2015

  • “Chaos Theory of Careers & Designing Your Life,” Jon Schlesinger, National Association of Career Development (NCDA) Career Developments Magazine, Spring 2018 

  • "Career Services is a Funny Thing: Leveraging Humor in Branding and Marketing," Kristin Menconi, LinkedIn, April 2018

  • “The Time is NOW to Practice Safe Networking,” Alexandra Stephens, LinkedIn, November 2017

  • “Becoming Talent Entrepreneurs: Welcoming Career Changers into Career Services,” Andrea Dine, National Association of Career Development (NCDA) Career Directions & Canadian Education and Research Institute for Counseling (CERIC), Summer 2017

  • "Release Your Inhibitions," Kristin Menconi, LinkedIn, May 2017

  • “Changing the Way We Coach Clients on Using LinkedIn,” Alexandra Stephens, LinkedIn, January 2017

  • "How 'Pumped' Can You Make Your Audience?" Kristin Menconi, LinkedIn, January 2017

  • “It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year... for Networking,” Alexandra Stephens, LinkedIn, December 2016

  • “Applying the Chaos Theory of Careers as a Framework for College Career Centers,” Jon Schlesinger, Journal of Employment Counseling, June 2016

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