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screenshot of brandeis' forage login pageVirtual work experiences from leading companies including Accenture, Citi, General Electric, JPMorgan Chase, Lululemon and many more allow you a bite-sized opportunity to try out different types of jobs.

Develop your skills and gain a real understanding of roles and industries by working through self-paced modules with tasks just like an internship or entry-level position. This is an opportunity to experience a day in the life of an employee at a Fortune 500 company!

How it Works

You select from any number of free programs based on the industry, company or type of work you want to try on.

During the program, work through tasks set by the company. These are not graded assignments; they are simulated experiences that replicate work you would undertake as an intern or entry-level employee. Programs take between five to six hours to complete and are self-paced, allowing you to finish as you want. You can even revise and edit submitted work to show growth on a topic or task.

Programs Include:

  • Video instructions and materials created by the company
  • Work that reflects real day-to-day tasks of interns and entry-level employees
  • The chance to compare your work and see how an employee at that company would have completed the tasks


  • Sample what work is like at leading companies
  • Discover career paths that you may not have previously considered
  • Build confidence and gain skills to get you ready for work
  • Earn a certificate of completion and stand out to these employers

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Frequently asked questions about Forage

Describe Your Experience on Resumes and LinkedIn

One of the benefits of completing these programs is adding each experience to your resume and LinkedIn profile. Follow these directions for listing your virtual experience:

Participating Companies Include

 Accenture, Citi, General Electric, JPMorgan Chase, Lululemon Tata, BCG, SAP, Y Combinator, Cisco, McKesson