Women at Work

Roshni Ray ’24, left, and Nicole Kanzler ’23 work in the Paradis Laboratory at Brandeis University on March 3, 2023. Photo/Dan HolmesThe Hiatt Career Center supports Brandeis undergraduate students and alumni of all gender identities. You may have questions about gender as it pertains to your job search and workplace dynamics or about how your unique identities might impact your professional development.

Career Help

Gender identity may intersect with your interests, career choices and future goals. In addition to family, friends, mentors and religious leaders, the Hiatt Career Center works with you to:

  • Explore how gender may impact your job search and post-graduate work

  • Discuss equitable access and issues in the workplace

  • Connect to resources and networks

Career Resources

  • Ellevate: Global professional women's network dedicated to help women advance in the workplace both for themselves and the greater good. It aims to change the culture of business from the inside out by investing in women.
  • InHerSight: Common framework of insights to explore what's working and what's not at companies and to help more women find their ideal workplace
  • Mentoring Circles for Women: Women-focused mentoring programs for companies looking to develop their female employees' careers, as well as individuals seeking personal development. Participants receive access to mentoring and serve as mentors to other participants.
  • The National Association of Professional Women: Professional network for women in the workforce with resources including a job board, networking events and other career resources
  • National Organization for Women (NOW): Largest organization of feminist activists in the United States with 500,000 contributing members and 550 chapters in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. NOW’s goal has been to take action to bring about equality for all women.
  • Women's Professional Associations by Industry: Consider joining an identity-relevant professional association to help facilitate networking connections and job leads.
  • UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School Career Resources: Extensive list of resources for women in leadership and business

Search Resources

  • Advancing Women: Careers: Recruitment website for professional women, focusing on science, technology, infrastructure and government work. The organization’s Career Resource Center includes helpful blog posts and a job board.
  • Career Women: Job listings by industry, state and company name. Upload your resume and read about current trends for women in the workplace.
  • Feminist Majority Career Center: Women-supportive jobs and internships across the country
  • Women for Hire: Jobs by location, category and work type. Learn about national career fairs for women and network with other women.
  • WomensJobList.com: Over 8,164 companies and organizations dedicated to diversity and inclusion providing employers with exclusive access to highly qualified candidates
  • U.S. Department of Labor Women’s Bureau: Contains information about women and the world of work.

Meet With Us

Make an appointment with us to talk about:

  • Appropriate and/or gender-non-conforming dress for an interview or professional event
  • Illegal interview questions regarding gender identity
  • Negotiating equitable salary and benefits
  • Evaluating if a future employer will have an equitable work environment
  • Gender biases in your workplace
  • Or just to check in!