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A girl stands in front of a building.

Alumni Support Drives Student Career Development

Career exploration and preparation are a vital part of the Brandeis student experience. So it’s no surprise that alumni and friends choose to support the Hiatt Career Center with their philanthropy. In fact, donors have established three different programs that support students’ pathways to professional success.

Group photo of the Global Career Services Summit in Washington, D.C. comprised of over 130 heads of career offices from about 16 countries.

Hiatt Internationally Recognized for Best Student Program

The Hiatt Career Center has clinched a GlobEY Award for Best Student Program at this year's Global Career Services Summit (GCSS) in Washington, D.C. Sponsored by Ernst & Young (EY)—a multinational professional services partnership–the summit brings together more than 130 heads of career offices from approximately 16 countries, making it a premier event in higher education career services.

Declan Tsuyuki ’25, poses for a portrait at the New England Aquarium, where he interned as a 2023 WOW Fellow.

World of Work Fellowships Bring Students Across the Globe

Internships can provide students with amazing opportunities and experience, but they aren’t always financially accessible. The World of Work (WOW) Fellowship changes that for Brandeis students. Since its founding in 2008, more than 500 Brandeis students have participated in this competitive program, experiencing the summer of a lifetime in internships across the world.

Nick Medina ’14 poses for a picture with his supervisor during his World of Work (WOW) fellowship at Osa Conservation (Conservación Osa) in Costa Rica.

Study Abroad Impacts Your Career

Ever dream of ambling the cobblestone streets of Copenhagen, exploring Mexico’s ancient ruins, or sipping a cappuccino in Siena? Your dreams can become a reality through studying abroad! And if you—or your family—need extra convincing, we’re here to highlight all of the amazing personal and professional benefits spending a semester overseas can offer.

Tao ’25 (left) and Alexandra Diener ’24 (right) enjoy the new Oasis Wellness Lounge in the Shapiro Campus Center (Photo/Dan Holmes).

Finding Mentors, Anytime, Anywhere

Comfy sweats? Check. Cozy blanket? Check. Combing for potential mentors? Also, check! You don’t always have to dress “professionally” and shake hands at a networking event to find yourself a career mentor. No matter where you are—or what you’re wearing—you can access thousands of mentors eager to lend a helping hand thanks to the Rise Together Mentor Network.

A student walks in the snow outside the Shapiro Campus Center (SCC) at Brandeis University on January 23, 2023. Photo/Dan Holmes

‘Tis the Season (for Careers)

If you couldn’t tell from the 500% increase in holiday-related ads on your social feeds and TV, winter break is nearly here! Amidst connecting with friends, family, and loved ones, you might find yourself having a bit of downtime to yourself. That’s the perfect opportunity to start tackling all of those outstanding career to-do’s from the fall semester, and you might consider…

 graphic of graduate caps branching out to different careers inside of a tech processor.

AI in the Job Search

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is taking the world by storm, though luckily not in the Skynet (Terminator) way. Instead, tools are popping up all over the web focusing on varying uses from teaching new topics to helping finish writing assignments. Recently, AI has gone a step further to help users apply for jobs and internships. But should you use it for this? And what are the pitfalls to avoid?

Johan Bos-Beijer poses for a photo at the Center for Data Innovation.

Jump-Start Your Career in Government

Ever looked at a government building and daydreamed about working as one of those caffeinated civil servants behind-the-scenes? You’re in the right place! Whether you want to be a budget ninja, policy powerhouse, or are just really good at deciphering acronyms, Hiatt is here to turn your career aspirations from “bureaucratic maze” to “pathway of possibilities.”

Four professionals stand in a circle chatting during a networking event.

How to Excel at Networking

Networking: the art of making connections in an environment where small talk can feel like a high-stakes poker game. How do you turn these nerve-wracking interactions into career-advancing connections? Phil Gallagher '14, Vice President of ISG Rewards & Analytics at Morgan Stanley, shares his advice to help you navigate the networking landscape.

Jeff Yu ‘25 speaks with a Brandeis alumnus during Deis Dinner 2022.

Tips for Success in Business, Consulting & Finance

Calling all students interested in becoming consulting connoisseurs, money maestros, or corporate climbers! We’ve gathered a few Brandeis alums who’ve found their place in the world of business, consulting, and finance to share their wisdom that's been tested through countless meetings, PowerPoint presentations, and the occasional battle with the office printer.

From right, Elienne Grossman, ’26, Lola Hamilton, ’26, Mikey Terrenzi, ’25, hang out beside the Student and Knowledge sculpture outside of the Brandeis University libraries on May, 9 2023.Photo/Gaelen Morse

Building a Community at Brandeis Builds Your Career

Brandeis is buzzing with excitement as another school year begins! New and old faces alike are settling in, connecting with friends, and figuring out how to fit everything into a schedule that includes sleep. It’s a tricky task, but one that shouldn’t come at the expense of your on-campus involvement outside of classes.

A person works at their office desk alongside LGBTQI+ pride colors.

Celebrating LGBTQI+ Pride at Work

Welcome to Pride Month! Beyond the splash of rainbows and identity flags, Pride is a time to celebrate the contributions and acknowledge the ongoing challenges of our LGBTQI+ community. But let's be real: Navigating your identity in the workplace can be a terrifying concept when discrimination and bias still persist in today’s world of work. Remember that you're not alone in your journey, and your friends and allies here at Hiatt have a few helpful tips.

An increasing line graph being drawn on a dry erase board.

Hiatt Sees Increases in Satisfaction and Resource Usage

In March 2023 Brandeis undergraduates responded to a survey from the Division of Student Affairs on student services as a follow-up to a survey conducted in March 2021. This data—available here—will provide insights for future planning within the Hiatt Career Center.

Two graduates from the Class of 2022 pose in their regalia during Brandeis’ 71st Commencement.

Take the “Panic!” Out of Your Senior Disco

Is there some “Panic!” at your “Senior Disco?” It’s a stressful time of year for everyone, but especially if you’re graduating this May. While you want to spend the time celebrating with your friends, the stress of what comes next can weigh you down. That’s why Hiatt is here to help carry the load so you can get back to the fun parts!

Dr. Amber Spry, Assistant Professor of African and African American Studies and Politics, teaching her class "Identity Politics in the United States.”

How to Choose Your College Major

Spring is just around the corner and campus will soon be saturated with the scent of blooming flowers and fresh-cut grass. It’s easy to let the mind wander toward summer, but before you get there another milestone may lay in your path: selecting a college major. But how do you choose with so many interesting options at Brandeis? That’s where Hiatt and Academic Services can help.

Student who meet with Hiatt are 2x more likely to be employed within six months of graduation

2x More Likely to be Employed

When students first arrive on campus, they’re eagerly welcomed by the Brandeis community.  When they’re ready to cross the graduation stage, another enthusiastic welcome awaits them from the world of work. This animated greeting was similar for the Class of 2022 whose post-graduation triumphs were spurred on by their time at Brandeis.

Taylor Kane '22, Jesse Lieberman ‘22, Kelly Zheng ‘22. Bottom: Louis Farer ‘22, Micaela Grimes ‘22, Gisel Ureña ‘22

So You’re Considering a Gap Year

Thought you were past the holidays and the stress-inducing conversations about your future? Welcome to the spring semester where the questions—especially as a graduating senior—are doubled-down on: “What are you doing next? Why don’t you have a job yet?” If those sound familiar, then you should read this article.

A 2022 Brandeis Career Hero plaque award surrounded by headshots of 26 award winners.

Your 2022 Brandeis Career Heroes

It’s a bird… It’s a plane… It’s a Career Hero? They might not wear capes and fly through the air, but the contributions these staff and faculty members make to help further students’ careers is just as impressive. That's why we’re thrilled to share with you all 134 of this years Brandeis Career Heroes!

Dr. Ria Roberts '10 (left) meets with two students during Deis Dinner 2022.

One Resolution We’ll Help You Keep

Another year, another round of ambitious New Year’s resolutions! 2023 could finally be the year you hold true to every goal (we fell a little short on “eating fewer sweets” last year). But just in case, we want to ensure there’s at least one resolution you can easily keep: Finding a career mentor.

Red berries appear amongst the snow outside the Shapiro Campus Center.

Winter (Break) is Coming

Instead of dread the line “Winter is coming” traditionally carries, you’re probably feeling relieved at the thought of a month off from Brandeis. While you should fully embrace the time to recuperate, it’s also a great opportunity to make headway on your outstanding career to-do’s! Here’s how you can start crossing items off your list…

Headshots of Stephanie Yan ‘19 (left), Jiahua Chen ‘20, ‘26 PhD (center), and Urann Chan '16 (right) over a Boston skyline background.

Four Questions with First-Gen Alumni

Remember the excitement and nerves you had on your first day of college? We want to celebrate the 33% of students nationwide who are the first members of their families to experience this momentous occasion. That’s why we’re highlighting words of wisdom from first-gen Brandeisians.

A student checks in for an appointment at the Hiatt Career Center.

Your Feedback Matters!

Hiatt regularly seeks feedback on our staff and student appointments, and your fellow Brandeisians have spoken with 96% saying they're "satisfied" with Hiatt or better! See what else they raved about and explore the results of our Fall 2022 survey...

An empty conference room with the Google logo on a projector screen.

So You Want to Work at Google

When we mention Google you might picture someone coding like The Matrix or recall the 2013 comedy The Internship. But what if we told you that even if you’re not a coding wizard, you can still work at one of the world’s tech giants? We think you’ll give us your best Owen Wilson, “Wow!” when you read this article.

 A physician assistant completes a patient checkup in a medical office.

Is Becoming a PA Right for You?

You want to go into medicine, but 8-12 additional years of school and student loan debt aren’t appealing? Don’t abandon your passion just yet! There is a similar career path that takes a quarter of the time, is less expensive, and has relatively little difference in the day-to-day job: becoming a PA.

A student works on their personal statement with a Hiatt Career Counselor.

Write Your Best Personal Statement

You’ve made the decision to apply to graduate school! Now you just have to tackle a major portion of the application: an essay about yourself. Thankfully you don’t have to do any research for this one, but writing about yourself can still be a challenge. That's why we come bearing useful tips and tricks—alongside some good news—for tackling your personal statement.

Two Class of 2022 students in graduation regalia pose for a photo before entering the commencement ceremony.

December Grads: Ease the Fright

Halloween is more than a month away, so why are we already sending chills down your spine talking about graduating!? We know how quickly time flies as a December grad, which is why Hiatt is here to reduce the fright and illuminate your path for those first few steps post-college.

Students sits in a circle with their orientation leader outside the Shapiro Campus Center.

It’s Never Too Early to Explore Hiatt

You’ve moved in, completed orientation, started your classes, are joining campus clubs and forming new friendships. We’d be amazed if you’ve been able to catch your breath! But while you’re busy prioritizing all these facets of campus life (the best food on campus is crucial to know), don’t disregard what the Hiatt Career Center can offer you even as a first-year student.

Ann Gazos O’Connor MPP’09 (left), Shaina Gilbert ‘10 (center), and Jay Kim ‘92 (right) speak at the 2019 Nonprofit & Education meetup.

Give Back Through a Service Year

As a college student living off instant ramen—or alumni paying off student loans—you probably don’t have tons of money lying around to donate to a non-profit’s cause. While monetary giving in any amount is impactful, it isn’t the only way to give back to a community or movement. You can still make a difference through alternative means, like undertaking a service year.

Ori Cohen '24 posed with Sydney, a photogenic macaw.

His Future Taking Flight

Ori Cohen ’24 has always had a passion for studying animal behavior. He spent his high school years volunteering at local animal shelters, retraining the dogs to become comfortable socializing with new people. It was here that Cohen discovered his ability to make a difference in the lives of these animals. It wasn’t until coming to Brandeis that he realized this passion could become a career.

Two canvas drawings with rainbow colors surround a graphic at the Hiatt Career Center's front desk that reads, "This is Our House. Love. Inclusion. Trust."

Finding LGBTQI+ Inclusive Employers

The stroke of midnight on June 1 sounds the alarm for organizations across the globe to swap their profile pictures to rainbow colors. We love the show of support during Pride Month every June! But as a student or alumni looking for an inclusive employer, how can you tell if one is actually LGBTQI+ inclusive and not just a performative ally?

A student paints an image of two people sitting outside during an outdoor art class.

Five Self-Care Resources to Get You Through the Workday

Whether you’re a student or an alumni, we all need a little boost of serotonin to navigate the world of work. Yet sometimes finding ways to unwind and recharge in our busy world can be difficult. That’s why we asked Career Counselor Jessica Smith to list her favorite apps and accounts that help her get through the workday.

Jon Schlesinger, Director of the Hiatt Career Center, speaks with a student in the Hiatt lobby.

Two Years Later, Has COVID Re-Shaped Career Services?

College is built on cycles and while many are predictable, some as we found are not. Students move from first-years to seasoned professionals. Staff and faculty plan programs and curricula around academic milestones from homecoming to graduation. However, the last two years have thrown us all off our expected cycles.

Five graduates pose for a picture holding their graduation caps out towards the camera

You’re Graduating…So Now What?

No, you aren’t on an episode of Fear Factor…you’re just graduating! Though they can feel very similar, entering the world of work hopefully has fewer snakes and spiders. Yet the anxiety and fear surrounding graduation are very real for the majority of seniors. That’s where the Hiatt Career Center steps in.

A compilation of six WOW recipient headshots taken at their summer internships.

WOW! $2 Million Granted to Students

Internships are one of the most important career experiences for college students. Yet unpaid internships still persist throughout the job market, limiting access to these critical opportunities for many. That’s why for the past 14 years the Hiatt Career Center has been doing its part to help students.

President of Brandeis, Ronald D. Liebowitz, poses with students during the 2021 Walk the Stage commencement event.

Class of 2021 Finds Success During COVID

While COVID-19 continues to provide unique challenges to the world of work, the Brandeis Class of 2021 is successfully navigating the pandemic’s impact. 96% of graduates are employed, attending graduate school, or engaged in other meaningful activities six months after graduation.

Cai Qi (left) and Thomas Bach (right) stand on a blue platform during the XXIV Winter Olympic Games in Beijing Opening Ceremony. Image courtesy of the President of the Russian Federation.

You Didn’t Win Olympic Gold and That’s Okay

Every time you turn on the TV this month it’s been non-stop Winter Olympics coverage. While we’re certainly not complaining (we love a Nathan Chen quad), seeing all of the medal ceremonies as a student-athlete can be intimidating. What if you never win Olympic Gold or can’t make a career out of your sport!? We’re here to tell you that’s okay, and here’s why…

Six alumni panelists and a Hiatt staff member pose together after the 2017 Alumni of Color panel.

Forming Your Professional Identity

We can feel the incoming anxiety whenever we mention being “professional” at work. It’s a valid concern to have, especially with new standards constantly being set in the ever-evolving workplace. Luckily, we’re here to provide some guidance about forming a professional identity.

All four new Hiatt Career Center team members taking selfies.

Say 'Hi' to Hiatt’s New Faces

The Hiatt Career Center might look a little different when you visit this semester. No, we didn’t renovate the office into our HGTV dream home...yet. Instead, we went one step further with a change you can witness both virtually and in-person (when we return).

Outside front door of the Hiatt Career Center offices in the Usdan Student Center

Hiatt Forms New 'Engagement Team'

A new team formed within the Hiatt Career Center will strengthen connections between students, employers and alumni to build a more robust culture of networking, recruiting and career education at Brandeis. 

Two Brandeis students and two alumni stand together at a career fair.

New Year, New Me(ntors)

2022 is finally here! ‘Tis the season for lofty New Year’s resolutions that often don’t last the week (looking at you “eat fewer sweets”). Thankfully, the Rise Together Mentor Network is here to make sure your career goals don’t fall into the same category.

trees in winter

Winter Break Tips + Events

Winter break is almost here! Though the extra weeks provide us with some time to take a break and relax, it also is an opportunity for you to make some headway on those outstanding career to-do’s that you haven’t gotten around to just yet! 
intern at Improv Boston

Internship Credit & Funding

Take your internship experience one step further and get academic credit while connecting your internship to your classwork and future goals through INT 89.  

ghost image behind wall

I've Been Ghosted!

The interview is over! You aced it. Your connection with the hiring manager was spot-on and they told you that they would touch base about the next steps. You wait, and wait, and wait and still no word. Has the employer ghosted you? Here's what happened and how you can navigate this experience. 

Student on laptop looking stressed out

Am I Behind?!

There are points throughout both the academic year and the time off in between that can give you the sense that you are falling behind when it comes to your career. Here's how you can pace yourself as well as let go of any feelings of competition. 
student meeting with a Hiatt career counselor

What the heck does career services for life mean?!?!

You may have heard it throughout your time at Brandeis or maybe once you graduated, that the Hiatt Career Center offers free career services for life. So, what exactly does that mean? Let’s get into it!

Hiatt exit sign that reads "thank you for visiting Hiatt"

Hiatt Student Survey Results

Hiatt recently surveyed Brandeis undergraduates about the Center's services and resources while seeking improvements. Review the results:

students at Brandeis orientation

First Years: It’s Time We Meet

We say it all the time, connect with Hiatt early and often! As a first-year student, you may have prioritized getting familiar with other resources both on and off-campus (dining halls are essential and Waltham has some pretty great restaurants!). But, with the spring semester upon us, it’s time that you put the Hiatt Career Center at the top of your list.

Dan and Roza

Networking with Alumni: It Works!

In the winter of 2018, senior Roza Azene '18, wanted to be proactive in making connections that would benefit her career. She saw an opportunity to meet and network with alumni and parents at the Brandeis Networking Night in Washington D.C. and took advantage of it. For Roza, meeting Dan Ding '11 at the event led to her first job after graduation.

graduates of the class of 2020

Beyond Brandeis: The Class of 2020

Every May most seniors look forward to the same thing; crossing that commencement stage, diploma in hand while turning that tassel from one side to the other. The year of 2020 looked different for the graduating class. Learn how these Brandeisians adjusted and where they went beyond Brandeis.

Joshua Feld

Following My Passion, Remotely

Joshua Feld ‘22 has always been tied to his New York City roots and when he saw an opportunity to give back in the summer of 2020, he didn't hesitate. Learn more about how Joshua supported the families of the fallen during his remote internship.
Marissa Torelli

Taking On A Virtual Internship

Marissa Torelli ‘22 gives her best advice to students looking to pursue remote summer internship opportunities. 
Lydia begag at work

Navigating My Virtual Summer Internship

Lydia Begag ‘22 reflects on her summer 2020 virtual internship experience and gives some insight into how you can find your own; better yet, make your own!

career mentor with student

2021 Plans: Finding a Mentor

If 2020 taught us anything, it was that flexibility is key! We may have had to rethink the ways we approach our goals as well as get out of our comfort zones. More often than not, seeking guidance, talking out ideas and getting advice is a great option as you navigate what you want to do next. One of the most beneficial ways to do this is enlisting the help of a mentor.

woman drinking coffee looking tired

Hi Vacation, it’s me. I want to come back!

Whether you were lucky enough to have had time off during the holidays, taken a vacation or had an extended winter break from college (wink, wink), settling back into your work life can be an adjustment.


New Year, New Resume

That’s right! The New Year isn’t just about ‘new you.’ Your application materials should also be up to date and reflect what you’ve done and where you want to go. 

nervous student chewing gum

Who Likes to Network?!

Honestly, who likes to network? Often it pushes you out of your comfort zone and seems just like another thing to add to your career to-dos. WE GET IT! But...we promise once you get started, you’ll be amazed at how easy it can be
black lives matter sign

Update: Hiatt's Commitment to Diversity

As we mentioned back in June, our work as an office as it relates to diversity, equity and inclusion will not be done. Here is how our office is working to improve our programming as well as partner with the members of the Black Action Plan.
winter scene

Winter Break: Relax, Reflect, Explore + Expand

Winter break is almost here! Though the extra weeks provide us with some time to take a break and relax, it also is an opportunity for you to make some headway on those outstanding career to-do’s that you haven’t gotten around to just yet!

unleash your identity career series

Unleash Your Identity Career Series

As the semester comes to a close, it's time to celebrate your unique self. Hiatt recognizes that you bring numerous experiences, skills and perspectives both to the classroom and the workplace and, we want you to further discover and embrace them. Review these upcoming programs from our 'Unleash Your Identity Career Series.'
careers in government

Careers in Government and Public Service

2020 has been a big year for so many reasons, but one of the most compelling events is the election. From all the debates, media coverage and social media memes, there is much to learn as well as discover.

December graduates

Job Search Tips for December Graduates

As you gear up for graduating this December, here are some tips to help you prepare for right now and what's to come.

Jon Schlesinger and Andrea dine

Administrative Announcements for the Hiatt Career Center

Hiatt's executive director, Andrea Dine, has moved into an expanded leadership role as assistant vice president of Student Affairs at Brandeis. Jon Schlesinger, will move into the interim director role as of October 2020. 
students working at job

Gaining Experience through On-Campus Employment

There are various opportunities available on the Brandeis campus to not only make money, but gain some worthy experience to put on your resume. Learn how to get started.

staff member teaching course in classroom

Enhance Your Exploration with a Career Course

Whether you are exploring your interests, starting an internship, or looking to learn more about certain industries like business and healthcare, Hiatt offers a number of career courses to support your career development in these areas. 
woman in a canoe on a river

Photo Credit: Photo by Rebecca Harris on Unsplash

Move Over Gap Year, I Am Taking A Sabbatical

As a new graduate, you may have had to pivot your plans based on the challenges that COVID has presented. Uncertainty around what’s next isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Instead, it means we are open to all possibilities, including a sabbatical.

Hiatt Career Center hosting lunch and learn event for faculty

Hiatt Study: Faculty Perceptions of Career

In early 2019, a research team from the Hiatt Career Center started a qualitative study of Brandeis faculty as it related to how faculty perceive their role in student career development and how faculty perceive the undergraduate career center.

two people interviewing over video

Photo Credit: Photo by visuals on Unsplash

Tackling Your Next Video Interview

You’ve submitted your resume. Had the first screening phone call with human resources. Now, it’s time to meet the team. Only, it’s through video and the need to be “on” is more important than ever. It’s vital to take a professional approach and attitude when getting ready to face the camera; literally. These are some key tips to take into consideration for your next virtual interview.

NACE award with staff faces

Hiatt Career Center receives national award for career services excellence

The Hiatt Career Center has been recognized by the National Association for Colleges and Employers (NACE) for its excellence in adopting the Chaos Theory of Careers framework into their career services.

Shayna Zeitlin '22

Navigating recruiting with finance firms during a pandemic

Shayna Zeitlin '22 shares how to best navigate the intern interview process with finance firms during a pandemic. 
Kristin Menconi

Dear 2020: From a 2008 Grad

Our assistant director of marketing, Kristin Menconi, has a lot of in common with the class of 2020 even though she graduated in 2008. In this note, Kristin shares how to navigate the job market during a challenging economy and how to remain hopeful, because she's been there, too!

Max LeBlanc '22

Max's Quaranblog: What Now?

Like many Brandeis students, Max's post-finals ritual looked a lot different this year. In his final post before heading into summer, Max shares what he's doing now and provides advice on how to tackle what's next.


So You’ve Got a LinkedIn Profile…

You've been told to have a LinkedIn profile, so you made one; now WHAT?! In this Hiatt After Hours episode, we explored how to bring your career story to life as well as shared networking tips using the LinkedIn platform. Review the short recap, here!
working from home

Tips for Working at Home

It's important to strike a balance between work and life at home, even if you are doing it all in sweatpants. Most of us have seemingly found ourselves tasked with working remotely almost immediately when COVID hit. At first, it may have sounded ideal; access to TV, time in your PJ’S and all the food in your cabinets; but think again.
graduation hats thrown in the air

Photo Credit: Photo by Vasily Koloda on Unsplash

Three considerations about planning to go to graduate school during COVID

By now, everyone has been impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic in some way. For students, this continues to present many different questions about what actions to take. One decision that may be up for consideration is whether to apply and go to graduate school. Though you should always weigh your options under normal circumstances, it’s important to be well-informed of changes that may impact the process.

summer tips

Photo Credit: Photo by Link Hoang on Unsplash

When Plans Change: Maximizing Your Summer

Your summer career plans may look a little different than anticipated this year and you may be wondering how to best fill in some of those resume gaps. Here are ten ways you can make the most out of your summer while building some career-ready skills.

Max LeBlanc '22

Max’s Quaranblog: Take a Breath and Drink Coffee

Max LeBlanc '22 is back to share how he is transitioning from a student with their nose in their coursework to an adult preparing for a potential summer in quarantine. He also touches on self-care, reflection and important virtual coffee chats.

computer keyboard with email logo

COVID-19: Templates for Communicating with Employers

During this time, communication and transparency are key. We want to make reaching out to employers and alumni as easy as possible for you so we created these templates.

student job searching on a computer

Photo Credit: Photo by LinkedIn Sales Navigator on Unsplash

Job Searching During a Pandemic

The events around COVID-19 have had an impact on job postings, hiring and recruiting timelines. The employment landscape is on a continuous shift as companies and organizations are adapting to new changes and restrictions. Students that are job searching are encouraged to proceed with a combination of realism informed by reliably-sourced information and confidence that they have the strength, skills and resources to navigate this situation. Though the current situation isn't ideal, there are various ways to navigate the process and re-think your approach. 
tech skills on a resume

Resume Round-Up: Adding in Virtual Skills and Experience

It’s April 2020 and the work environment has gone virtual! Now more than ever, employers are calling for applicants that are able to do virtual work and have the skillset to do so. Be a top contender by enhancing your resume to showcase the technical skills you have that are needed to work remotely.

plan b

Job and Internship Planning: Creating a Plan B

Over the course of your work life, you’ll most likely experience a multitude of professional jobs and roles. As the desire to transition from one opportunity to the next approaches, you may find yourself in a position to restrategize and rethink your plans. Often times what we envision for ourselves can be delayed or distributed- maybe by a global pandemic?

Max LeBlanc '22

My Student Quaranblog: Max LeBlanc '22

Max LeBlanc's life this past month has looked a lot different than he expected. Like most Brandeis students, he'd be in class, hanging out with friends and going to his internship. The library is now the home kitchen table and meetings are now virtual. How has he handled the transition? Read along in his "quaranblog."

handshake review image

Photo Credit: Photo by Handshake

Find Your Next: Handshake Top 5 Tips

Make the most of your Handshake profile and get discovered with these five key tips.

student working on computer at home

Narrow the Internship Access Gap: Micro-Internship

Due to economic limitations, many students lack access to traditional internships. Learn how micro-internships can give you valuable experience. 
computer screen with email account displayed

Photo Credit: Photo by Webaroo on Unsplash

Getting Started with Virtual Outreach + Networking

Reaching out to individuals and organizations is a key skill, and it’s especially important right now. By doing some outreach and networking, you can learn about your desired field, gain advice, make professional connections and share your interests and skills with an employer who can be helpful in an internship or job search.

graduates from the class of 2019

Photo Credit: Mike Lovett, Brandeis University

Class of 2019 continues a successful outcomes rate

Ninety-eight percent of Brandeis University’s undergraduate class of 2019 are employed, attending graduate school or engaged with other meaningful activities within six months of graduation.

law gavel

Photo Credit: Photo by Bill Oxford on Unsplash

Law School FAQ's (COVID-19)

There are a lot of questions being raised as a result of the effects of COVID-19 and our normal routines, including the impact on your plans around Law School. Our pre-law and graduate school advisor is answering some common questions.

student working on computer

Photo Credit: Photo by Wes Hicks on Unsplash

Create Your Own Virtual Opportunity

As current events unfold, there may be some disruptions in how or if employers will be able to hire or retain interns. If you are currently searching for an internship opportunity or are already hired, it is in your best interest to talk with the employer about the possibility of working remotely or moving into a more supportive online role.

frequently asked questions graphic

Career FAQ's For Students (COVID-19)

As a student, we understand you have many questions surrounding how COVID-19 impacts your career plans. To help you navigate through this, our staff has answered some of the most frequently asked questions about our operations, applying to positions, internships and more.

alumni at networking event

Alumni Support During COVID-19

We know that Brandeis alumni care deeply about the University and have continued to be significant resources, especially within the Hiatt Career Center. As of today, we are asking for additional help.

Hiatt staff members

Hiatt Career Center honored for excellence

The Hiatt Career Center was recently recognized for three national awards during the 2018-2019 academic year for a variety of programs.