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Careers in Government and Public Service

2020 has been a big year for so many reasons, but one of the most compelling events is the election. From all the debates, media coverage and social media memes, there is much to learn as well as discover.
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Job Search Tips for December Graduates

As you gear up for graduating this December, here are some tips to help you prepare for right now and what's to come.
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Administrative Announcements for the Hiatt Career Center

Hiatt's executive director, Andrea Dine, has moved into an expanded leadership role as assistant vice president of Student Affairs at Brandeis. Jon Schlesinger, will move into the interim director role as of October 2020. 
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Gaining Experience through On-Campus Employment

There are various opportunities available on the Brandeis campus to not only make money, but gain some worthy experience to put on your resume. Learn how to get started.
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Enhance Your Exploration with a Career Course

Whether you are exploring your interests, starting an internship, or looking to learn more about certain industries like business and healthcare, Hiatt offers a number of career courses to support your career development in these areas. 
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Move Over Gap Year, I Am Taking A Sabbatical

As a new graduate, you may have had to pivot your plans based on the challenges that COVID has presented. Uncertainty around what’s next isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Instead, it means we are open to all possibilities, including a sabbatical.

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Hiatt Study: Faculty Perceptions of Career

In early 2019, a research team from the Hiatt Career Center started a qualitative study of Brandeis faculty as it related to how faculty perceive their role in student career development and how faculty perceive the undergraduate career center. 
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Tackling Your Next Video Interview

You’ve submitted your resume. Had the first screening phone call with human resources. Now, it’s time to meet the team. Only, it’s through video and the need to be “on” is more important than ever. It’s vital to take a professional approach and attitude when getting ready to face the camera; literally. These are some key tips to take into consideration for your next virtual interview.

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Hiatt Career Center receives national award for career services excellence

The Hiatt Career Center has been recognized by the National Association for Colleges and Employers (NACE) for its excellence in adopting the Chaos Theory of Careers framework into their career services.
Shayna Zeitlin '22

Navigating recruiting with finance firms during a pandemic

Shayna Zeitlin '22 shares how to best navigate the intern interview process with finance firms during a pandemic. 
Kristin Menconi

Dear 2020: From a 2008 Grad

Our assistant director of marketing, Kristin Menconi, has a lot of in common with the class of 2020 even though she graduated in 2008. In this note, Kristin shares how to navigate the job market during a challenging economy and how to remain hopeful, because she's been there, too!
Max LeBlanc '22

Max's Quaranblog: What Now?

Like many Brandeis students, Max's post-finals ritual looked a lot different this year. In his final post before heading into summer, Max shares what he's doing now and provides advice on how to tackle what's next.


So You’ve Got a LinkedIn Profile…

You've been told to have a LinkedIn profile, so you made one; now WHAT?! In this Hiatt After Hours episode, we explored how to bring your career story to life as well as shared networking tips using the LinkedIn platform. Review the short recap, here!
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Tips for Working at Home

It's important to strike a balance between work and life at home, even if you are doing it all in sweatpants. Most of us have seemingly found ourselves tasked with working remotely almost immediately when COVID hit. At first, it may have sounded ideal; access to TV, time in your PJ’S and all the food in your cabinets; but think again.
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Three considerations about planning to go to graduate school during COVID

By now, everyone has been impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic in some way. For students, this continues to present many different questions about what actions to take. One decision that may be up for consideration is whether to apply and go to graduate school. Though you should always weigh your options under normal circumstances, it’s important to be well-informed of changes that may impact the process.
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When Plans Change: Maximizing Your Summer

Your summer career plans may look a little different than anticipated this year and you may be wondering how to best fill in some of those resume gaps. Here are ten ways you can make the most out of your summer while building some career-ready skills.
Max LeBlanc '22

Max’s Quaranblog: Take a Breath and Drink Coffee

Max LeBlanc '22 is back to share how he is transitioning from a student with their nose in their coursework to an adult preparing for a potential summer in quarantine. He also touches on self-care, reflection and important virtual coffee chats.

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COVID-19: Templates for Communicating with Employers

During this time, communication and transparency are key. We want to make reaching out to employers and alumni as easy as possible for you so we created these templates.
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Job Searching During a Pandemic

The events around COVID-19 have had an impact on job postings, hiring and recruiting timelines. The employment landscape is on a continuous shift as companies and organizations are adapting to new changes and restrictions. Students that are job searching are encouraged to proceed with a combination of realism informed by reliably-sourced information and confidence that they have the strength, skills and resources to navigate this situation. Though the current situation isn't ideal, there are various ways to navigate the process and re-think your approach. 
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Resume Round-Up: Adding in Virtual Skills and Experience

It’s April 2020 and the work environment has gone virtual! Now more than ever, employers are calling for applicants that are able to do virtual work and have the skillset to do so. Be a top contender by enhancing your resume to showcase the technical skills you have that are needed to work remotely.
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Job and Internship Planning: Creating a Plan B

Over the course of your work life, you’ll most likely experience a multitude of professional jobs and roles. As the desire to transition from one opportunity to the next approaches, you may find yourself in a position to restrategize and rethink your plans. Often times what we envision for ourselves can be delayed or distributed- maybe by a global pandemic?
Max LeBlanc '22

My Student Quaranblog: Max LeBlanc '22

Max LeBlanc's life this past month has looked a lot different than he expected. Like most Brandeis students, he'd be in class, hanging out with friends and going to his internship. The library is now the home kitchen table and meetings are now virtual. How has he handled the transition? Read along in his "quaranblog."

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Find Your Next: Handshake Top 5 Tips

Make the most of your Handshake profile and get discovered with these five key tips.
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Narrow the Internship Access Gap: Micro-Internship

Due to economic limitations, many students lack access to traditional internships. Learn how micro-internships can give you valuable experience. 
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Getting Started with Virtual Outreach + Networking

Reaching out to individuals and organizations is a key skill, and it’s especially important right now. By doing some outreach and networking, you can learn about your desired field, gain advice, make professional connections and share your interests and skills with an employer who can be helpful in an internship or job search.
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Class of 2019 continues a successful outcomes rate

Ninety-eight percent of Brandeis University’s undergraduate class of 2019 are employed, attending graduate school or engaged with other meaningful activities within six months of graduation.
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Law School FAQ's (COVID-19)

There are a lot of questions being raised as a result of the effects of COVID-19 and our normal routines, including the impact on your plans around Law School. Our pre-law and graduate school advisor is answering some common questions.
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Create Your Own Virtual Opportunity

As current events unfold, there may be some disruptions in how or if employers will be able to hire or retain interns. If you are currently searching for an internship opportunity or are already hired, it is in your best interest to talk with the employer about the possibility of working remotely or moving into a more supportive online role.
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Career FAQ's For Students (COVID-19)

As a student, we understand you have many questions surrounding how COVID-19 impacts your career plans. To help you navigate through this, our staff has answered some of the most frequently asked questions about our operations, applying to positions, internships and more.
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Alumni Support During COVID-19

We know that Brandeis alumni care deeply about the University and have continued to be significant resources, especially within the Hiatt Career Center. As of today, we are asking for additional help.
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Hiatt Career Center honored for excellence

The Hiatt Career Center was recently recognized for three national awards during the 2018-2019 academic year for a variety of programs.