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The Hiatt Career Center supports Brandeis undergraduate students and alumni who have had military experience by helping them frame their experience for the world of work and talk about their intersecting identities as veterans, students, and professionals.

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Those with military experience (voluntary or mandatory) make great employees! Once you translate your experience for an employer or graduate school, they’ll be able to see how you fit into their program. Many veterans have spent time developing desirable skills that employers seek. These are just some of the transferable skills:
Leadership – No matter your role you were most likely called to lead by example, through direction, delegation, or motivation. These are positive leadership skills, every field benefits from a leader who is confident, leads by example, and motivates their team to bring a job to completion.
Communication – In the military you may have been called to communicate with a diverse array of individuals, including high ranking officials and civilians. Communication up and down the chain requires clear concise effective communication.
Integrity – Character and trust are as important in the workforce as in the military. You may have demonstrated your integrity in your decision-making, behavior, or implementation of guidelines or procedures.
Adaptability – Being ready to change tactics or being thrown into a new situation helped you build the critical skill of adaptability. The workforce is always changing and being able to adapt and handle any situation that comes your way is a critical skill.

General Career Resources

Some of the career resources and hiring preferences indicated below are only applicable to US veterans. The transferable skills, themes, and types of employers to explore are suited for military veterans.

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Every branch and military have its own way to talking with acronyms, service branches and jargon that can be confusing for a non-military audience. Use these guidelines to start to translate your experience.

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