Recruiting at Brandeis

Every industry has its own timeline for hiring and method for recruiting.

Employers who know the number of hires they will need to fill openings use "planned hiring" this can start six to 18 months prior to a position starting. This only applies to certain types of employers, those that often bring in a "class" of new hires each year. These employers frequently recruit students and recent alumni directly from Brandeis by participating in campus recruiting.

Campus recruiting is most typical in industries like consulting and finance. Highly sought-after areas, such as health care, media, entertainment and some technical roles, may not participate in campus recruiting because they don't need to spend resources searching for applications.

Unplanned or "as needed hiring" is when employers have immediate openings with the goal to fill them within one to three months of posting. When employers are seeking to fill these roles, they most frequently post their positions on job search sites, such as Handshake, to access a large pool of candidates.

"Know your timetable when applying to jobs. The roles I was looking to apply for were advertised in the fall semester, so I was more prepared. My friends that had interests in other industries were not aware of their recruiting cycles and ended up burning out doing job searches before the appropriate time." 

Aaron G. '19, business and computer science major

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Campus Recruiting

Employers who work with Brandeis to connect with students typically recruit on an earlier timeline and seek to hire students for internships over sophomore or junior summer and for full-time employment post-graduation. Employers use a variety of programs to meet with students and identify and cultivate talent. They regularly schedule information sessions, workshops, case competitions, treks or attend career fairs.

Use the charts below to explore how employers engage with Brandeis.

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Connect With Employers

Campus recruiting is one only method for internship and job search and many types of organizations do not hire through formal campus recruiting. Approach all events with employers an opportunity to engage, learn and connect with professionals. Most Brandeis students find jobs from a combination of networking and online search tools.

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