International Students

An international employer meets with international students

As an international student, you may encounter unique opportunities and challenges as you approach the world of work. Cultural differences in the job search process may impact how you develop your network, present yourself to employers, and prepare application materials and interviews. Start with the information below to navigate the differences international students may face and the frequently asked career questions you may have.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Meet with Hiatt

Make an appointment with us to talk about questions including:

  • How do I navigate cultural differences in job and career searching in the US? 
  • How do I find internship or job opportunities as an international student? 
  • How do I answer questions about work authorization on applications or in person? 
  • When do I talk to employers about sponsorship? 

Meet with ISSO

Meet with the ISSO to talk about questions including:

  • Current immigration regulations and university policies regarding your visa type. 
  • How do I obtain a social security number?  
  • How do I legally work on or off campus? 
  • I have academic, financial and personal questions  about my visa status.