Hiatt Career Closet

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The Hiatt Career Closet provides undergraduate students FREE access to professional attire for interviews, career fairs, networking events and other career-oriented activities and occasions. Our goal is to help students feel prepared, professional and comfortable when making a first impression without having to leave campus or spend a lot of money.

Hours of Operation

*Update Fall 2021: The Hiatt Career Center is now open and operating during normal business hours. Students are invited to shop in the closet between the hours of 11:00 am - 4:00 pm on Monday through Friday. We are complying with the University's social distance rules and can only have one student shopper in the career closet space at a given time, so please plan accordingly if you need extra time to shop and try on items. 

How It Worksstudent shopping in closet

The Hiatt Career Closet is located on the second floor of the Hiatt Career Center in the Usdan Student Center. Students may take (and keep) any items of their choosing, free of charge. Before shopping, we highly suggest that students review our online inventory to see what is available based on your specific needs.

When you arrive in our space, you will be greeted by our staff. We will be on hand to answer any questions, give advice and help you check out (students are required to check out even if no items are taken). We also keep in mind that shopping is a personal experience so we will leave you to it unless you need additional assistance. Our space also offers a private, gender-inclusive restroom so you can try on items in private to help decide if they are right for you.


Donations to our closet are ongoing, so inventory will vary based on what we receive and when. We strive to include items that are representative of all shapes, sizes and styles but cannot guarantee that they will always be available. Students are encouraged to continually review the online inventory log and contact us if additional assistance is needed. 

Inclusiontwo brandeis students dressed in clothing from the closet

The Hiatt Career Closet strives to include all shapes, sizes, and orientations. Each time a student visits the closet, they will be treated with sensitivity and respect. With the understanding that not all users identify with a specific gender, our garments are categorized into two categories: masculine style and feminine style. Within these categories are a breakdown of the item type (suit, jacket, blouse, pants, etc) and how many are in our current inventory. Students should feel free to shop in whatever category they choose. 


Accepted donations must be new or gently worn, in good condition and cleaned prior to donating. Items must be of high-quality: not ripped, stained, broken or missing pieces (buttons, zippers, straps). Review our donation guidelines and standards. 

Donations can be brought to the Hiatt Career Center during business hours (Monday-Friday, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm) or dropped off in our donation bin after hours. For additional information, contact the Hiatt front desk, at (781)-736-3618 or hiattcenter@brandeis.edu.

Sponsored by the Hiatt Career Center in partnership with the Brandeis Department of Community Service and the Division of Student Affairs.

De-Coding Dress Codes

There are various terms associated with workplace attire and though most organizations don't have a written set of standards of what is appropriate, it's important to ask your manager and then, familiarize yourself with these common categories. 

General Guidelines for Workplace Attire