Recruiting Timelines

This graph shows the recruiting timeline for Hiatt's major events. Business, Consulting and Finance is September. Technology and Innovation is October. Law is October through November. Government and Public Service is November. BioTech, Health and Science is February. Education and Non-Profit is March. Communications and Marketing is April. Arts is April through May.

Though employers recruit regularly at Brandeis throughout the academic year, application cycles and hiring timelines vary by industry. In your job or internship search, it's important to understand the recruiting timeline of your industry of choice and prepare in advance to research, update your documents, network and apply.

Please note that the timelines listed below are general and can vary depending on the type of the organization.

Tips for an Industry-Specific Search

  • Stay active on Handshake to ensure you don't miss any opportunities. It is also highly encouraged to have an updated profile so you can receive industry-specific updates through email and on the Handshake dashboard.
  • Start early and prepare in advance as much as possible using these timelines. Application deadlines approach rather quickly and being aware of those dates is important.
  • Network as much as possible with alumni, employers and other connections that are in your desired industry. They can provide insight into the recruiting process as well as new openings within their organization.
  • Attend events, career fairs and networking-related programs hosted by Hiatt. You'll be able to expand your network while being able to practice your pitch.
  • Gain as much experience as possible before applying to a position. Participate in internships, student clubs, research, leadership, etc., to make you a stronger candidate.
  • Set goals, practice and plan with the help of Hiatt. We can work with you to assist with the application process as well as help you practice for upcoming interviews. Make an appointment in Handshake.

Recruiting Timelines by Industry