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 student and alumni speaking at an event

The Rise Together Mentor is an online platform that joins Brandeis students and alumni from all over the world to make connections, exchange career advice, expand their network and learn more about industries, careers and the world of work. 

rise together logoHosted on the Brandeis community platform, B Connect, Rise Together is similar to LinkedIn, but its users are solely made up of Brandeisians who have opted in to participate. So, no more sending cold emails to connections you do not know. Our alumni have indicated they want to help, YOU, the Brandeis student.

Students that join Rise Together:

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*Once you join the B Connect community, you can access the Rise Together program under 'groups.'
**For additional information about how to log in and access the system, review these instructions.

If you are a Brandeis alum interested in participating in Rise Together, review our alumni site for more information.

Rise Together Alumni Champions

Meet the alums that are helping you to connect with other alumni. These champions have volunteered to represent the Rise Together Mentor Network by facilitating conversations, moderating discussions and providing leadership on the database. 

Meet the alumni champions

Dan and Roza meeting at a Brandeis networking night

Roza Muluken-Azene '18 and Dan Ding '11 at the 2018 Brandeis Networking Night in D.C.

Networking with Alumni: It Works!

The Brandeis Alumni Network is a vast community that strives to give back to current students. Learn how Roza Muluken-Azene '18 utilized making alumni connections at a Hiatt event to land her first job post-Brandeis.

Roza's Networking Story

Build a Jury of Your Peers - A Personal Board of Directors

students taking group photo at networking eventBehind every successful person is a group of people invested in their journey and success. Rise Together helps you make alumni various connections so you can tap into a diverse network and receive valuable advice from those who believe in you and are willing to help.

Once you get settled into the program, consider building your board of directors with about three alumni that make up a variety of skills, experiences and backgrounds. You should be clear as to what your goals are, what your hope is in developing this relationship and how often you will communicate with them. Fostering meaningful connections with people that can help support you throughout your career journey is a vital step in the process.

To build more personalized connections as they relate to your background and interests, join the subgroups on Rise Together. Current subgroups include: 

Outreach + Introduction 

Get started by making the first move. Below are some tips for writing your introductory message as well as questions to ignite conversation.

One of the first things you will want to do is identify what your hopes are in creating these connections. What are your goals? What do you want the connection(s) to help you with? Once those are established, start doing your outreach. 

One-On-One Questions To Ask


two women at Brandeis networking night speakingBuilding valuable relationships and connections as it relates to your career is a two-way street. As the student, it is important for you to be proactive in doing outreach and fostering those connections for as long as you deem necessary.

Rise Together Connections Are Not:

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