Scam Information

The U.S. Department of State has contacted all U.S. schools who sponsor international students and scholars about a big problem: scams. Common types of scams occur by phone, mail, and through the internet.

Phone Scams


SSN: "Your Social Security Number has been hacked."
DHL: "You have an undeliverable package."
IRS: "You owe taxes and you will be deported if you don't pay."
Embassy: "You have an important message from the XXX consulate in New York."
911: "XXX is arrested and needs money for bail."
Bank Account: "Your bank account has been hacked. Transfer your money to a secured account that we provide to you."









The ISSO is here to help you! Talk to us if you are not sure about something. If you are a victim of a scam, we are here to support you.

Protect Yourself

Protect your personal information, account information, and social media. Scammers may be based in your home country and speak your native language. Be sure to protect your non-U.S. account information as well.

Spot a Fake

The U.S. Government will not demand immediate payment. When asked to transfer money or purchase gift cards immediately, it is a scam. When they tell you to keep it a secret, it is a scam.


Visit Brandeis Campus Police and the ISSO for assistance. You will not get in trouble for telling us about a criminal or suspicious activity.