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Internships are temporary positions for students or recent graduates that provide the opportunity to learn and gain hands-on experience related to your individual career goals and/or field of study. There are many benefits in pursuing an internship including valuable workplace experience, learning from professionals, meeting new contacts and testing your "fit" in a field. 

Internship Funding

At Brandeis, you can take advantage of a number of funding resources both during your tenure as a student and beyond. Review funding opportunities to get started. 

On-Campus Leadership Opportunities

Students who undertake leadership positions during college learn the art of building relationships within teams, defining identities and achieving tasks effectively. It also provides an opportunity to learn to identify and display effective communication and interpersonal skills.

View the list of current leadership opportunities you can undertake while at Brandeis on the Division of Student Affairs' website.


Jobs come in many forms from temporary to part-time and full-time. Before diving in to apply for singular companies or job titles, it’s important to keep an open mind and understand the type of job you want, positions to avoid, skills you wish to obtain, location and commute, and overall career growth.

On-Campus Jobs

All student jobs are posted in Workday. Click on the "Careers" worklet and select Find Jobs for Students to begin applying.

Student Employment Toolkit

Your on-campus job is also an important opportunity to build professional skills. Hiatt partnered with Student Employment to create a self-paced online course just for you. It only takes only 30-45 minutes to learn how to start a new job, talk with your supervisor, leave a position and describe your work better!

Students who earn their completion badge say they are more aware of campus resources, more confident speaking with a supervisor, and can better describe their work. Get started on The Student Employment Toolkit.

Employer Recruiting and Hiring at Brandeis
As the job market continues to evolve and change, so does the recruiting and hiring process. Learn more about employers recruiting at Brandeis and the Hiatt Ecosystem of campus partners and events in Business, Consulting, and Finance, Biotech, Health and Science, Technology and Innovation, and Humanities.

Internship or Job Search Process

Here are four steps to a successful job and internship search:
  1. Self-assessment: Identify your goals, values, skills, interests, motivations and strengths. TypeFocus can help you learn more about your strengths and preferences, identify the skills you will bring to work and learn how to talk about yourself in interviews
  2. Learn about organizations: Explore careers, companies, roles and fields through research and by expanding your network
  3. Marketing: Create tailored resumes and cover letters and prepare your interview skills that demonstrate the match between your experience and the position
  4. Decisions: Assess and respond to offers that meet your current or future needs

Explore jobs/internships that are posted on websites and gather information about positions or potential openings from networking and research.

Start Your Internship or Job Search Here

The most comprehensive list of positions is on an employer's website. Some employers also post positions on other sites to draw attention to them with specific audiences. These sites are good sources for openings and may lead you to organizations that you had not heard about but are a good fit for you.

About Job Boards

The employers in Handshake are specifically looking to recruit university students. We currently use a wide range of fraud detection methods, including automatic checks, blocking known suspect email domains and utilizing internal alerts for mismatched domains, which has helped ensure the fraudulent activity is very rare on the Handshake.

When using public job boards, you should exercise caution and research the people or organizations you are connecting with. Learn more about fraudulent job postings, third-party recruiters, staffing agencies and other types of employment and what to do if you need help.

Beyond Posted Positions

Brandeis students are more likely to find roles from a combination of networking and online search tools, that just online postings alone. Learn more about where students go Beyond Brandeis, how they get there and see their career advice.

Start Networking

  • Learn more about networking at Brandeis and the Rise Together Mentor Network.
  • Research and follow individual organizations in your field whether or not they have current openings.
  • Look up information about industry trends, organizational initiatives and sought-after skills from professors, alumni, fellow students, mentors, family and friends.
  • Expand your network to reach out beyond your immediate contacts to others in your field who can provide valuable information.
  • Create a solid LinkedIn profile that reflects your past and present experience, professional interests and full skill set.