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A student talks with an alum during Deis Dinner 2022Networking is a constant cycle of building and maintaining relationships, all of which can help you cultivate information and leads about potential career opportunities. If you've ever talked to a professor, chatted with a family friend or made conversation with someone on a plane, then you've already networked!

Ready to network more? Here are some conversation starters both in-person and via email.

Preparing to Network

A Note About Your Privacy and Online Reputation

Online reputation matters, and what you post publicly on social media can impact your career. We recommend Googling yourself and asking, "Am I comfortable with an employer or admissions rep seeing this?"

Future employers, graduate and law school admissions representatives, and even networking contacts from both LinkedIn and Rise Together will search for you online and factor what they find into their decision-making process. It's critical to constantly review and/or clean up your web presence to build a professional online brand that meets your goals.

Practicing Safe Networking

Whether you are connecting with an alum, a potential employer or a friend of a friend, it's important to take safety precautions when meeting someone new. "Networking up" creates a power dynamic that can at times be difficult to navigate. Remember that you are an equal party in any conversation and have the power to end it at any time if your instincts tell you to do so.

Consider the following tips and advice to help keep you safe.

safe networking tips

How to Practice Safe Networking

Get Started

Informational Interviews

Informational interviews are important tools in networking. If you've ever turned to a friend to ask them about their weekend plans, that's an informational interview! More than just building your network, informational interviews are intentional and targeted.

Use an informational interview as you're still deciding on majors and careers to learn how others apply their education to the workplace. You can also use the informational interview to gain insight into a specific role or company before applying. This insight before you apply can help you decide if you should apply or how to enhance your application.

Lunch or coffee meetings, phone calls, or video chats can all be informational interviews. The same principles of networking apply to informational interviews.

Start with the Outreach Template for sending an email introduction. Use the Sample Interview Questions to help your conversation.

Rise Together

The Rise Together Mentor Network is an online platform that joins Brandeis students and alumni from all over the world to make connections, exchange career advice, expand their network and learn more about industries, careers, and the world of work.

Brandeis alumni want to help meet you, and Rise Together helps you get connected to them.