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Interfolio Credential Service

Interfolio is an easy, safe, reliable credential service, available 24/7, to store documents for graduate school, academic job searches and employment.

Nearly any document can be stored, including confidential letters of recommendation, resumes and curriculum vitae, statements of purpose, writing samples, dissertation abstracts, teaching portfolio documents, supervising teacher evaluations, student and peer evaluations, and transcripts.

Interfolio accepts documents created in any word processing format, as well as pdfs. When a document is uploaded into the fileholders account, Interfolio automatically converts and saves the document in pdf format.

Reasons to Use Interfolio

For You

Interfolio is the premiere online credentialing service that maintains your letters of recommendation and other important documents in a safe, secure system. You can request letters of recommendation and dossier file forwarding online, as well as monitor the status of your documents and delivery requests anytime, anywhere from a standard web browser. Interfolio processes your delivery requests within one business day, guaranteed, and provides you with records of where and when documents were sent.

For Your Writer

Your letter writer will have access to their letters of recommendation in their own Interfolio letter writer account. They will be able to upload, update or edit existing letters for you without the expense and time delay associated with retrieving and retyping a paper copy of your letter, printing and re-sending it to a dossier service. With Interfolio they can easily and quickly upload a letter for you directly into your Interfolio account.

Getting Started

  • If you are new to Interfolio: Visit Interfolio to register and begin using Interfolio immediately. Simply sign up for an Interfolio account and choose "Brandeis" as your sponsor school. See the Interfolio website for more information.

Requests are processed within one business day, with multiple mailing options. The service is affordable and flexible.

The person writing your letter of recommendation also needs to register. Setting up a Letter Writer account with Interfolio gives your writer the authorization to upload and edit letters of recommendation into your account. Letter Writer accounts are free and easy to set up. View more information on establishing Letter Writer accounts.

Servicing Fees

Interfolio offers many advantages for a competitive servicing fee. A one year fileholder membership, which stores and maintains your file, starts at only $19. They also offer 3- and 5- year memberships; we urge you to choose the right membership level for you. Costs for forwarding your file vary, depending upon mailing option (paper vs. electronic), with express mail options available. All requests are sent from Interfolio within 24 hours of your request. View current costs and options.

Requesting References & Letters of Recommendation

Once you have set up your membership with Interfolio, you can begin requesting letters of recommendation immediately. By choosing "Add Document" from your account menu, you can request letters of recommendation from your letter writers electronically. View a complete list of instructions.

Request Status

When you log in to your Interfolio account, the landing page provides you with a list of all the documents and deliveries associated with your account, their status and associated dates.


When you know that all your documents are on file, log into your Interfolio account and select "Add Delivery." From there, you will be prompted to provide the information necessary for Interfolio to forward your file/letters of recommendation to the person(s)/institutions you identify. You have the ability to select which set of documents will be sent to each requested location as well as the order of the documents in each set. Interfolio will package your documents and disseminate your file within 24 hours of your request, either electronically or by mail depending upon your preference.

Who Can Access the Files I Store on Interfolio?

No one is able to access your personal Interfolio account except you. The contents of your file remain private until you authorize Interfolio to forward copies of your documents to an institution, search committee or application review representative. Letter writers have the ability to view documents they upload via their Interfolio account.

When you make a request for a letter of recommendation to be written for you, you have the option of either retaining or waiving your right of access to the letter. If you waive your right, your letter will be marked "confidential" and you will not have access to see or print the letter. However, in all cases, you will be able to view the status of the letter when you log in to your account.