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Division of Science Newsletter

Top image from Fall 2023 Division of Science newsletter

The Division of Science e-newsletter was created in the summer of 2016 in order to keep alumni up-to-date about the Division's research, events, transitions and other news. It is distributed to alumni semi-annually.

Fall 2023

Highlights: the Fall 2023 newsletter was distributed in December 2023. The newsletter provided updates from the Division including: a review of SciFest XII, information about Eve Marder and Greg Petsko receipt of the National Medal of Science in a White House ceremony, overview of the new equipment recently received by the Microscopy Core Facilities, and other items.

Spring 2023

Highlights: The Spring 2023 newsletter provided updates from the Division including: the upcoming Brandeis at 75 festivities, plans to construct a new science building, recent research, upcoming events, awards and alumni updates.

Summer 2022

Highlights: The Summer 2022 newsletter discussed the retirement of several Division of Science faculty members, announced the upcoming SciFest XI poster session, and listed the statistics from the graduating Division of Science students that were part of 71st Brandeis commencement.

Winter 2022

Highlights: This newsletter featured updates from the Division of Science including new publications, faculty awards and alumni news from Summer 2021 to December 2021.

Spring 2021

Highlights: This newsletter was the first for Bulbul Chakraborty, the new Head of the Division of Science and the Ancell Chair of Physics. Items included: the approval for the development of a new Engineering program, ongoing DEI efforts and an update on 2021 summer undergraduate research  

Fall 2020

Highlights: In his final newsletter, John Wardle, former Head of the Division of Science said farewell and introduced the new leader of the Division, Bulbul Chakraborty, the Enid and Nate Ancell Professor of Physics. Items included: MRSEC's $18 million NSF grant, COVID research, awards, transitions and new hires. 

Spring 2020

Highlights: The Spring 2020 newsletter focused on COVID's impact on the Brandeis campus and students. Items included: the research into the virus by three faculty members, a Psychology professor work on how Brandeis students were coping with virus-related stress, and the assistance of several Biology faculty members in the development of a COVID-19 teaching tool.

Fall 2019

Highlights: Information about SciFest IX (August 2019) and descriptions of research papers from Olivier Bernardi (Mathematics) and Shantanu Jadhav (Neuroscience). Bjoern Pennings (Physics) work with the Sanford Underground Facility was discussed. Faculty and undergraduate awards were noted. Faculty passings from 2019 and new hires were listed.

Spring 2019

Highlights: Karen Uhlenbeck, Brandeis alumna, received the Abel Prize in Mathematics. A profile of the Volen Center as it turns 25. John Wardle and the EHT project. James Pustejovsky uses AI to index WGBH productions. The "Magnify the Mind" funding effort begins. Research papers from Chemsitry, Neuroscience, and Biology are discussed. Science faculty received multiple awards.

Summer 2018

Highlights: Seven new faculty hires in Mathematics, Computer Science, Chemistry and Biochemistry. The Mathematics department created a new major (Applied Mathematics). Brandeis received a $1 million grant from HHMI. Research papers from Seth Fraden (Physics), Suzanne Paradis and Stephen Van Hooser (Biology), Matthew Headrick (Physics) and Judith Herzfeld (Chemistry) were discussed. Awards were noted. 

Winter 2018

Highlights: Michael Rosbash and Jeffrey Hall received the Nobel Prize, Marcelle Soares-Santos (Physics) research is discussed, Gina Turrigiano and Leslie Griffith named AAAS Fellows, John Lisman and Carolyn Cohen's passings are noted. Research papers from the Avital Rodal lab (Biology), the Shantanu Jadhav lab (Neuroscience) and Zebrowitz Face Recognition lab (Psychology) were discussed. Awards and transitions were also included.

Summer 2017

Highlights: Research papers from the Paul Garrity (Biology), Bulbul Chakraborty (Physics), Robert Sekuler (Neuroscience) and Tim Hickey (Computer Science) labs were discussed. Papers from an undergraduate student and post-doctoral researcher were noted. Faculty promotions, new hires, and retirements were listed. Events and awards were included.

Winter 2017

Highlights: Recent research papers from Chemistry, Biochemistry and Biology labs. James Pustejovsky (Computer Science) received a large grant from the Mellon Foundation. Irving Epstein (Chemistry) was named a AAAS Fellow. The newsletter includedd a profile of the Ashton Graybiel Lab. Recent grants and awards for the Division of Science were also listed.

Summer 2016

Highlights: Inaugural issue of the Division of Science newsletter. Topics included Eve Marder's Kavli Prize, Chris Miller's "Millerpooloza" event, and a student profile of REU students working in Brandeis labs over the summer. Awards and grants were listed.