Division of Science

Individual Development Plans

Postdocs at Brandeis are expected to craft, in collaboration with their advisor, an Individual Development Plan (IDP). This plan should be reviewed and updated annually.

Policy on Individual Development Plans for Postdocs

  1. Brandeis University recognizes postdoctoral scholars as a class of appointments of limited duration that facilitate the process whereby scholars, having attained the highest degree in their field, continue to further their training by carrying out independent research, teaching, or other activities, funded by a sponsor.
  2. All postdoctoral scholars at Brandeis must have a mentor. Under most circumstances, this will be a faculty member whose grant or unrestricted funds sponsor the project.
  3. Brandeis recognizes the importance of planning a course of action that will assist postdoctoral scholars in identifying and pursuing career opportunities at the end of their postdoctoral appointments, and in developing the expertise and skills to be successful in their future careers.
  4. Brandeis recognizes this approach must be tailored to individual scholars. Therefore, Brandeis strongly recommends that scholars and their mentors work together to craft an Individual Development Plan (IDP) for each postdoctoral scholar. The development of a plan is required for postdocs supported by NIH or NSF funds.
  5. Career objectives, and necessarily the plan for achieving them, may change over time. Brandeis recommends that mentors and scholars review progress on the IDP at least annually and make adjustments to it as necessary.
  6. Mentors and scholars should individually confirm that the plan exists and has been reviewed as part of the annual review or reappointment process.