Funding for Undergraduate Research

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Division of Science Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships (SURFs)

Brandeis students (classes of ’22, ’23, ’24) who are working in a lab in the Division of Science at the time of application are eligible for a SURF. Each Fellow will receive $5000 in stipend support to do summer research (housing support is not included).

Donor Support

The Division of Science Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships (SURFs) are underwritten by Brandeis University with the support of generous alumni and friends, helping to create the next generation of scientists. The Brandeis community gratefully recognizes the following individuals and organizations whose generous support enable the summer undergraduate research program and SciFest


Other Sources for Undergraduate Research Funding

Summer Schedule

The formal summer research program in Summer 2021 is anticipated to run from Tuesday, June 1 to Friday, August 6, 2021. SciFest X will tentatively take place on Thursday, August 5, 2021.

How to Apply

There are two ways to apply for summer research funding. Most funds use the Unified Application, but a few programs use different applications.

Unified Application for Internal Fellowships

There is a single application form for fellowships run by the Division of Science. The complete application is due on March 2, 2021. No late applications will be accepted.  Judging is underway.

The unified application does not apply to the REU in the Materials Research Science and Engineering Center.

Provost's Undergraduate Research Fund

Applications for the Provost's Undergraduate Research Fund are due March 2, 2021.

Additional Opportunities

Off-campus Opportunities

Fellowships listed above are primarily or exclusively for research at Brandeis. 

Applying to Off-Campus REUs or Other Summer Fellowships

Although we at Brandeis pride ourselves in our summer research programs and encourage you to participate here, we know that some of you will want to explore options elsewhere for reasons of subject matter, variety, or personal circumstances.

What's an REU

REU stands for "Research Experiences for Undergraduates," a title used by the National Science Foundation in programs they support.

If you want an off-campus opportunity, you should be able to find many programs on the internet with a quick search. Summer programs of about 8-10 weeks duration can be found at many fine American universities. The Search for an REU Site from the NSF and the Pathways to Science Undergraduates page might be a couple good spots to start looking.

Deadlines for applying are usually around the start of February for summer programs. Don't delay.

You might find the document "How to Succeed as an Undergraduate Science Researcher at Brandeis University" useful when preparing to apply. It was prepared by the Brandeis Science Communication Lab. Additional tips can be found at the Pathways To Science Resources Library.

Additional Information