Division of Science

Computer Resources

Computer Accounts

Brandeis accounts provide access to most if not all of the centralized computer services at Brandeis. You need one. Manage your account at identity.brandeis.edu/.

If you're paid by HHMI or have some other outside funding, you may need a sponsored account. In any event, go fill out the form.

On the form, pick a sponsor who is around so that your account gets created promptly. Your advisor or department administrator are good initial choices.

For some purposes, you might need accounts on local servers in the Life Sciences. Create your Brandeis account first, talk to your labmates, and then contact Lynn Rardin or members of the DivSci Tech Group if you need one.

See the instructions for using our VPN for off-campus access. Our library resources, including journal subscriptions, can be accessed from off-campus using the library proxy server.

Software for your computer

There are a few different software licensing programs. You may install Microsoft Office (and a few other MS products) on your computer. Matlab, EndNote and LabView are also site-licensed.

Getting more personalized computer help

The Tech Desk is the recommended entry point for postdocs looking for help from LTS. Note, you will not necessarily get complete or even correct answers about Div. Science-specific computer services from them, although they are very competent and helpful.