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Brandeis University Postdoctoral Association

The Brandeis University Postdoctoral Association (BUPA) is a group comprised of postdoctoral associates and fellows (postdocs) from all of the departments at Brandeis University.

Brandeis Postdocs are those members of the Brandeis community who have completed a PhD or MD and are continuing their training in research under the mentorship of a faculty member at Brandeis University. Postdoctoral researchers are those who receive funding from a grant on which their mentor is the Primary Investigator (PI). Fellows still work with a mentor, but are working from a grant on which they are listed as the PI.

Brandeis has an official policy with regards to the status of postdocs in the university. Check Resources for more official Brandeis Postdoc information.

The Brandeis University Postdoctoral Association was formed as a means to meet other postdocs in the Brandeis community for both social and professional networking. We meet frequently and have social hours at which we discuss problems and successes we are having as postdocs here at Brandeis.

In order to receive e-mails relevant to Science postdocs, please join the "scipostdocs-group@brandeis.edu" Google group. Additional information about Google Groups is available

Email BUPA at bupa@brandeis.edu.