Sandra Sylvestre


Assistant Director of Career Development


Massachusetts Institute of Technology | Career Assistant Internship

Rhode Island College | Graduate Assistantship, Career Development Center

Rhode Island College | MA Agency Counseling

Rhode Island College | BA Biology


If you are not sure of your next step, or even how to begin, you are the right person for Sandra!

Sandra understands that new ideas and unexpected changes can impact your career journey. She strives to help people create order and action from confusion, while leveraging the strength of past experiences.  Helping students and alumni hone in on points of curiosity and then connecting those points to career options, Sandra is a great person to speak with when you’re seeking to identify or narrow down possibilities.

Sandra's door is open to all, and in particular, first-generation college students.  She enjoys working with students pursuing careers in the field of counseling, social services, education and non-profit. Sandra also brings her lifelong appreciation of sci-fi/fantasy and is happy to work with students exploring careers that intersect with her favorite genre.  She is a dedicated staff member for December graduates, midyear and transfer students.  

Prior to joining the team at Hiatt, Sandra completed a career assistant internship at MIT and a graduate assistantship at the Rhode Island College Career Development Center.  Sandra is a Global Career Development Facilitator and a Certified Career Services Provider. She holds an MA in agency counseling from Rhode Island College.  In her free time, you can find her at the bowling alley or geeking out on all things Sci-Fi/fantasy, LLAP.

Sandra's First Seven Jobs: 

Contact Sandra if you are unsure of your next step, or even how to begin. Sandra’s door is open to all, and in particular, first-generation college students and historically underrepresented identities.  Sandra helps students to explore their interests and for all matters related to job and internship searches. She works frequently with students pursuing careers counseling, social services, education and non-profit fields.  All counselors see all students and alumni, but staff have areas of specialty and interest. Sandra is available from late August through late June. Sandra is also available to meet with first year students with last names starting with D - H.  MAKE AN APPOINTMENT HERE!