Hiatt Career Center

Am I Behind?!

There are points throughout both the academic year and the time off in between that can give you the sense that you are falling behind. Whether it's a classmate's announcement on LinkedIn about their new internship, a friend starting to interview for rotational programs or family members sending you a calendar of must-attend academic events, you may be thinking if you should be doing more.

student sitting at desk looking at laptop feeling stressed out

Students that work with Hiatt often ask, "Am I behind on my job search?" "Have all the internships been filled for the semester?" "When is a good time to start looking?"

The short answer is: everyone has their own pace in finding a great personal career fit. No one is exactly like you, and hiring takes place all year long with various opportunities available. So though social media feels like a competitive place to post your most recent career achievement, it doesn't define where you should be in your own search. To help get you started in finding your own pace and plan, we offer these tips:

  1. Meet with Hiatt: Get personal advising based on your goals, experience, skills and work interests. We’ll help you set a timeline so you can plan with confidence and be ready for the next steps as they arise. Make an appointment. 
  2. Review General Recruiting/Hiring Industry Calendars: There are different times in the year when industry recruiting and hiring may be very active, however, all industries have opportunities year-round. Check out the Industry Hiring Calendar and jobs and internships in Handshake.
  3. Plan to Attend a Hiatt-sponsored Recruiting Event: We offer a number of large and small-scale career fairs and programs throughout the academic year. This is a great way to speak with employers about their hiring process including when they recruit for roles and what they are looking for in candidates. Register for upcoming events on Handshake including programs and career fairs
  4. Career-Building is Experience-Building: You are involved in many activities; academics, work, family, community, extracurriculars – through which you are developing career-related experience. Be confident that you are gaining sought-after skills and knowledge that make you a strong candidate for positions in every industry, all year round!