Hiatt Career Center

Your 2022 Brandeis Career Heroes

A 2022 Brandeis Career Hero plaque award surrounded by headshots of 26 award winners.

It’s a bird… It’s a plane… It’s a Career Hero?

They might not wear capes and fly through the air, but the contributions these staff and faculty members make to help further students’ careers is just as impressive. That's why we’re thrilled to share with you all 134 of this years Brandeis Career Heroes!

As part of our yearly survey to graduates from the class of 2022, we asked, “Who made a significant contribution to your professional or career objectives?” Responses included community members from all across campus, including 12 in Creative Arts, 19 in Humanities, 38 in Sciences, 45 in Social Sciences and 20 in Academic and Student Affairs.

Meet the 2022 Brandeis Career Heroes along with helpful tips for connecting with faculty and staff to keep the career conversations going. Career happens everywhere across the Brandeis campus and faculty and staff are an essential part of the career ecosystem.

On behalf of the graduates and the Hiatt Career Center, we want to thank each awardee for their ongoing dedication to students’ professional development.