Hiatt Career Center

Your Feedback Matters!

A student checks in for an appointment at the Hiatt Career Center.

Hiatt regularly seeks your feedback on our staff and student appointments. Here’s what Brandeis students have to say about Hiatt in 2022.

Express Appointments with Hiatt Advisors

96% Satisfied with their meeting!  96% felt their initial question was answered.


Hiatt Advisors are highly trained undergraduates who meet with students seeking quick help with application materials, Handshake, LinkedIn and other career-related questions.

Students felt the Hiatt Advisor they met with was extremely (34%) or very knowledgeable (60%).

How likely are you to recommend Hiatt to a Friend? 68% of respondents are considered active promoters of Express Appointments.

“It was a comfortable and welcoming experience. I was even able to start making connections during my first meeting. Opened up my knowledge to many resources within and outside of the career center.”


Appointments with Hiatt Staff

99% Satisfied with their meeting! 93% left their meetings feeling more confident in their next steps and aware of their resources!


Our career staff meet with students and alumni for 30 or 60 minutes on topics ranging from exploring majors and career interests, reviewing application materials, internships and job search, networking, interview preparation, mock interviewing, graduate school and law school planning and applications.

How likely are you to recommend Hiatt to a Friend? 76% of respondents are considered active promoters of appointments with staff.

“The meeting helped me feel more confident in the next steps I need to take. It pointed me in the direction of many helpful resources and showed me how to continue this process outside of the meeting.”

Overall, students feel more knowledgeable about themselves and more confident about their next steps when they visit us. You should visit us too!