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2020 has been a big year for so many reasons, but one of the most compelling events is the election. From all the debates, media coverage and social media memes, there is much to learn as well as discover. This time may have also piqued your interest in getting involved with government and public service work, which can provide many fruitful opportunities to promote change.

This area works to support the needs of individuals, communities and nations. Students in all majors thrive in roles linked to the political, social, economic and cultural spheres of public life, justice and equity.

Possible fields are broad and interconnected, with options for direct action at federal, state and local levels of government as well as in non-profits and non-governmental organizations (NGOs), foundations, advocacy groups, research centers, lobbying groups and human services providers. Be open to possibility about the “fit” for you!

If you’re ready to dive right into programming in this area, check out what is coming from the Hiatt Career Center:

November 2
National Security Agency (NSA) Resume Review 
One-day virtual resume review by subject matter experts. 

November 5
Peace Corps Information Session 
Connect with Brandeis alumni about their experience serving as a Peace Corps volunteer.

November 6
Careers in Government, Public Policy, and Social Causes 
Turn your post-election energy into action! Find opportunities in government, public policy and social causes.

December 3
HireDC-Metro Virtual Career Fair 
This virtual career fair connects you with employers online through 1:1 private interviews and group info sessions utilizing Zoom

Brandeis Voting and Election Events
Additional information regarding election and voting events on the Brandeis campus.

If you’re still in the phase of discovering what you are interested in, follow these steps:

Identify your Skills, Interest and Values
Consider questions such as: What are your skill strengths? Do you like working directly with individuals or at the programming and research level? What public issues engage your attention and energy most? From which perspectives would you like to address the challenges faced by communities and societies?

Network with Brandeis graduates and students and others who work or intern in the public sphere. Ask specific questions about their organizations, roles and responsibilities and the skills needed to succeed. Research organizations to find out how they interact with and serve the public. Match the information you gather to your own skills and interests.

Explore Environments and Roles
Try out fields and gain experience. Join a campus club or non-profit that supports public issues; volunteer at a service center, town hall or legal rights organization; get involved in a community advocacy group; work for an elected official. As your experience grows, you’ll have greater insight into where your skills shine and which environments and issues engage you most for future work.

Get in Touch with Hiatt
Hiatt offers assistance every step of the way. Make an appointment to talk about your interests, attend events with alumni, recruiters and professionals, and join Hiatt’s LinkedIn group. Keep your Handshake profile up to date so that we can notify you about opportunities.