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So You’ve Got a LinkedIn Profile…

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You've been told to have a LinkedIn profile, so you made one; now WHAT?! In this Hiatt After Hours episode, we explored how to bring your career story to life as well as shared networking tips using the LinkedIn platform. Watch the full broadcast, here, or review the recap below.

Profile Reputation Tips

This is not your "Finsta!"
This is your personal branding space, not your alter ego Instagram page!

  • Think about it as your 'Yellow Pages' to the world.
  • Do some reputation management.
  • If your profile is incomplete or inaccurate, what does that say about you?
  • Think of it as dressing up for the job you want!

It's about outputs, not inputs.
Ask yourself: what came out of what you put into it? Consider this scenario when talking about outputs:

From this: Taught mathematics to six-grade students and helped to create curriculum.
To that: Developed and taught mathematics curriculum to over 120 sixth-grade students; of those, 10 were selected as state mathathletes.

Tell me a good story.
Heavily utilize the summary section on LinkedIn - make yourself memorable.

  • What do all of my jobs have in common?
  • What have I enjoyed throughout my career?
  • How did I get here?
  • Where do I want to go?
Bringing Your Brand To Life

Hello Content. It's Me.
Produce. Educate. Share the Love.

  • Share articles, photos, updates - 'native' content
  • What resonates with you?
  • Comment, reshare, like and tag!
  • Builds greater connections.
Networking Advice

Those Third-Degree Connections
In this instance, be a follower. 
It can be difficult to connect or even get noticed by a third-degree connection, especially if you don't personally know them. Instead of sending a basic connection note, try this:

  • Follow instead of seeking a connection.
  • Engage with their content.
  • Open new door (follow up on Twitter).

Show Up Often
Be an active participant - everywhere on the site.

  • Engage in groups
  • Be proactive - start conversations and engage
  • Repeat behavior on your own profile
Additional Tools to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile, Branding + Engagement 

Job Scan LinkedIn Optimization: Scan your profile up against job descriptions to optimize your candidacy.

Job Hero: Job descriptions, resume and cover letter templates, skills insights and more.

LinkedIn: Add Nearby and Code Scan Features. Expand your network in seconds by using these features. Especially if you are out of business cards!