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Getting Started with Virtual Outreach + Networking

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Reaching out to individuals and organizations is a key skill and it’s especially important right now. By doing some outreach and networking, you can learn about your desired field, gain advice, make professional connections and share your interests and skills with an employer who can be helpful in an internship or job search. 

Have questions for your contact

LinkedIn serves as a primary starting point to locate and research professionals, including Brandeis alumni. Before reaching out, ask yourself, what interests you about the person’s current or past work? What information or resources can the person provide that will be helpful?

It’s also helpful to be prepared when doing outreach. Don’t just send a blanketed message asking to connect. Do some research by learning about an organization’s mission and projects on their website and in the news. Does the organization match your interests and experience? Once you have identified your contact(s) of interest, further prepare by gathering some questions to ask. For some ideas, review Hiatt’s Sample Networking Questions

Be ready to share your skills and interests

Once you connect, the person on the other end will want to know more about you. Be ready to share your academic and professional accomplishments as well as your strengths and skills. You’ll also learn more about what types of skills are important by speaking with people currently working in that field. 

Showcase your flexibility and openness 

Let it be known that you are aware that fields and organizations are rapidly adjusting. Highlight your adaptability, curiosity and ability to thrive in changing environments. In times like this, these skills are particularly important! Share that you are exploring options and eager to gain experience.

Quick next steps before reaching out

Use key Hiatt networking resources

Make sure your resume and LinkedIn profile are in great shape

For additional assistance in networking and doing outreach, make an appointment with Hiatt, here.