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Job Searching During a Pandemic

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The most common question we have received since March has been; “Are employers still hiring?”

Answer: Yes, but they are moving forward with caution. 

The events around COVID-19 have had an impact on job postings, hiring and recruiting timelines. The employment landscape is on a continuous shift as companies and organizations are adapting to new changes and restrictions. Students that are job searching are encouraged to proceed with a combination of realism informed by reliably-sourced information and confidence that they have the strength, skills and resources to navigate this situation. Though the current situation isn’t ideal, there are various ways to navigate the process and re-think your approach. 

Keep going 

Previously posted positions may be put on hold for the time being but that doesn’t mean that they are gone forever. Keep reviewing company websites and postings and continue to apply for roles. You can find a number of employers actively recruiting on our online job and internship database, Handshake. 

It’s also important to brush up on your overall job search strategy to be sure you are utilizing all available resources and conducting an effective search. Be patient with employers if there is a delay in response and be prepared to discuss how you can contribute to their goals from a remote location.

Widen your net

Some industries are being impacted more deeply than others right now, which may mean that you’ll have to broaden your search quite a bit. This is an opportunity to research and further look into fields, industries and positions that you may have not previously considered even remote ones

Consider virtual volunteerism and micro-internships

Do you know what looks great on a resume? Experience! While you’re standing by, stay productive by enhancing your skillset by pursuing virtual volunteer opportunities, micro-internships, and online learning.

Prepare for virtual interviews

Whether you’ve been in a virtual class, had a Zoom meeting with your supervisor or have engaged in online family game nights, you can expect that this “virtual reality” of communication will be the norm even when it comes to interviewing. Take time to practice for remote interviews by creating a space in your home that is professional, clean and in a low-noise area. Do a run-through by recording yourself or set up a mock interview with a counselor in the Hiatt Career Center. 

Create virtual connections

LinkedIn is a great platform to connect you to students, alumni and professionals. Update your profile to reflect what your career goals are and the experience you have to support them. Do some research and then reach out to make valuable connections with professionals in your areas of interest. 

Remember, it’s an on-going process.

Even in traditional times, the job search process can take time. As you restructure your plans and strategize, schedule an appointment with Hiatt for help in developing a targeted action plan.