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Five Self-Care Resources to Get You Through the Workday

A student paints an image of two people sitting outside during an outdoor art class.

Whether you’re a student or an alumni, we all need a little boost of serotonin to navigate the world of work. Yet sometimes finding ways to unwind and recharge in our busy world can be difficult. That’s why—for Mental Health Awareness Month—we asked Career Counselor Jessica Smith to list her favorite apps and accounts that help her get through the workday…

#1 — Finch

This cute little app brings me (Jessica Smith) right back to the days of Tamagotchis. I know I know, probably before your time; Google it, you missed out!

Anyways, Finch is a cute little pocket bird, that you give energy to by completing journal prompts, meditations, stretches, self-care goals, and more. You can change its appearance, dress it up with clothes, and pet it. Once your finch has enough energy, it goes out on a journey and comes back with lessons for you about what it has learned.

Turn on push notifications for adorable affirmations throughout the day where your Finch will tell you it’s thinking about you. If you want a wholesome app dedicated to helping you feel better, Finch is the right place.

Give it a download and get excited about helping a little Finch discover things like chamomile tea for the first time!

#2 — Calm

Personally, not only is Calm my favorite meditation app out there, but it’s also one of my favorite social media accounts to follow. On Facebook and Instagram, they frequently post 30-second breathing circles set to nature sounds that are so soothing and perfect for a quick break to breathe and reset during the day.

The app itself features beautiful nature scenes and sounds, meditations, sleep stories, and much more. You can even choose your favorite meditation series based on a wide variety of topics like easing anxiety, increasing self-love, improving focus/work-life, and others!

If you don’t feel like downloading an app, there’s even a Google Chrome extension where you can take breathing breaks, stretch, or simply play nature sounds. Seriously, I can’t recommend this app enough!

#3 — I Am

Want to combat negative thoughts of self-doubt and imposter syndrome? The I Am app is a great tool to help you do just that.

Daily affirmations help to rewire your thought process, build self-esteem, and curb negative thought patterns. You can set daily reminders to occur as often as you’d like, with a max of 30 reminders a day. That’s a possible 30 affirmations throughout the day to help lift you up and give you that needed boost of positivity!

You can even share them on social media from the app. The free version allows you to get general affirmations, but if you pay for pro you can tailor the app to different categories of interest like body image, confidence, stress, anxiety, faith, relationships, and more!

#4 — Motivation

From the same creators of the I Am app, comes Motivation. Operating the same way, you can create daily reminders of up to 30. But where I Am gives positive affirmations, Motivation gives you motivating, inspirational quotes.

Positive reminders are one of the quickest and easiest tools for mental growth. It helps you to keep the positive thoughts at the top of your mind each day, so it helps you be more equipped on the bad days.

The free version allows you to get a selection of general quotes, but if you upgrade to pro you can tailor the app to different focus areas like setting goals, mental health, dealing with change and uncertainty, breakups, managing anxiety, and self-love. You can even install the Motivation widget on your home screen!

#5 — TikTok and Instagram Account @ItsLennnie

Saving my favorite for last! Want something other than an app to help uplift you on your hard days? Look no further than @ItsLennnie on TikTok and Instagram.

This little blob and his friends give the best and most heartwarming pep talks out there. Lennie covers topics such as loneliness, grief, negative self-talk, and more. He calls himself “your personal little life cheerleader,” and he really delivers on that promise. I cannot recommend this account enough. It’s so wholesome and a much-needed bright light on social media.

Be forewarned, you might need a tissue because his pep talks are so accurate. Also if you follow him on Instagram, he will post checkups and suggestion boxes in his stories.